Taluksangay Mosque, Yakan Weaving Village and Rio Hondo

ShareTweet Zamboanga City & Tawi-Tawi Backpacking Tour (Part 1 of 4) How can you write about a tour you would never imagined would happen or at least you would never knew will be fully-booked? MINDANAO. Too much negative publicity and scare reporting has come out of it. Okay, let’s zero in at Zamboanga, Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi. Maybe true and maybe not, but more and more travelers prefer Cebu and Bohol or Davao and CDO over Zamboanga City. Wanting to prove the media’s general portrayal of Zamboanga, Tawi-Tawi and the Muslims wrong, I tried on organizing a cultural backpacking tour of […]

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Rio Hondo and Mariki Paddleboat Tour

ShareTweet << Rewind: 2008 I was discouraged by the locals of Zamboanga City to even try visiting Rio Hondo. During that time, kidnapping is so rampant that just 3 days before I arrived, a Chinese businessman was kidnapped. But that incident didn’t deter me to visit the community of stilts in Rio Hondo and Mariki. I was surprised by the enthusiasm and warm welcome of the Muslims; I even gained a friend, Kuya Gams Hassan.     March of 2011 I went back to the same community. This time I wanted to dig deeper, to really see how the locals […]

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STRANGE[R] ENCOUNTER: Gammar Hassan at Rio Hondo, Zamboanga City

ShareTweet They say that “people make the place;” and now I understand that we are living in a “lonely planet.” Its a lonely planet if you take away the encounters with locals along the way. This STRANGE[R] ENCOUNTER project is the “heart and soul” of all my journeys and I gladly share this to all my readers. Strangers who became my friends: Gammar “Kuya Gams” Hassan Meeting Place: Rio Hondo, Zamboanga City Dates: July 2008 and March 2011     July 2008 It was my first time ever in Mindanao (2008) and was foolish enough to believe the negative stigma […]

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