Exhilarating Antique: Tibiao Fish Spa- Wet and Ticklish!

ShareTweet What a nice way to start the “busy” day! Tibiao Fish Spa! Not just your ordinary spa, because this spa uses fish to “massage” your tired feet. I’m actually not into spas as it’s quite expensive in Manila but this I should not miss while traveling right? And for just 100pesos per 45minutes-session, it’s a steal.     Actually, I first learned about fish spa while I was in Malaysia almost 3 years ago. If I remember it right, it costs 20MYR (Php260/30minutes), too expensive for a Filipino backpacker like me. So I get wet. First step is to wash […]

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September-October Travel Plans in Bicol, the Visayas, and Ilocos

ShareTweet   Hello dear reader!     First, I want to thank you for reading this blog. I appreciate that you continually support journeyingjames especially by retweeting my tweets and sharing my links. Second, I want to keep you posted about my travel schedules in the following weeks. If you are within the area; maybe we could meet up, have some coffee (booze) or lunch together. Third, I’ve been playing with the idea of traveling with a group and/or having a travel buddy to share the cost, exchange stories, etc. I think this would be cool!   So here’s my […]

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