Practical Tips to Save on Flights

ShareTweet How to Travel Cheap in the PhilippinesIn traveling, three of the most expensive expenses are transportation, accommodation and food. Imagine saving atlas 30% from flights. This savings can be used to book tours or hostels. 1. Book on a Tuesday (or Wednesday). Airlines usually have cheaper flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays compared on weekends since there are more people looking for flights on weekends. This is just simple economy, the more the demand, the higher the price. Insider Tip: It is also cheaper if you book 45 days +/- before your intended departure. I don’t know the reason for […]

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10 Lessons I Learned from My Comeback Southeast Asian Trip

ShareTweet Coming From A Tough Journey Only a few knew that one of the reasons why I traveled the Philippines is that because I loss my passport in Malaysia in 2009. You can read the very first blog post of mine about the tough experience- Good-bye Passport, Farewell Bangkok That experience thought me that you can travel even with a limited budget. It was really hard because I have to learn it the hard way. After almost 5 years, I got my new passport and was ready to continue my footprints in Southeast Asia. So I booked a ticket to Phuket, […]

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Go Girls Travel Tips from Gael and Gay

ShareTweet This is the final installment of GO GIRLS Travel Tips and I’m so excited to share with you what The Pinay Solo Backpacker and Pinay Travel Junkie sent to me via Facebook message. I want to thank them here because even with very busy schedules they managed to take time and write what they think would be of help to first-time solo female travelers. I feel so honored that they are the ones to close these series. Hope these tips would be passed on to newbie travelers. Please lend your ears (bookmark the blog post) on what they have […]

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