Conversation: Tuki, Boracay and Surigao

ShareTweet One day the Fermin the tuki, Bora the sand and Surigao the red mountain were drinking. They were talking about their lives and I heard the conversation in my dream. Bora: Hi Fermin! “Anung balita?” (What’s up?). What the heck happened to your face? Ohhh, is that your gills dude? Fermin: *crying* Hey Bora, if I say I’m good would you believe me? I can’t see myself on the mirror but my face f*cking hurts. Ohhh.. and I’m hungry too. Got any food Surigao? Surigao: Sorry Fermin, I don’t. Btw, Bora a lot has changed since we first met. […]

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