Mindanao Challenge Day 7: Samal Island Tour

ShareTweet My stay in Samal Island would not be great if not for the people who helped me in every way they can. I remember everyone of you, Mader Fely, Kuya Lek, Ate Frances, Deejay, Abdul, Rashid, Nurj and Tatay Badong. It just warms my heart to know that there are still people who are willing to trust total strangers and invite them in their house. I remember you all when I tweeted, “I will be 4ever grateful to all d people I met along d way. U guys made this journey a life-changing one. #mindanao400.” I will make a […]

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Mindanao Challenge Day 6- Green: Planted 16 Magrove Seedlings at the Vanishing Island, Samal Island

ShareTweet I woke up from my quiet rest with these huge mangroves saying “good morning, welcome to Samal island” to me. I just smiled and thank God for keeping me safe and warm the whole night. What a nice day to wake up in Samal Island in the loving care of my new found friends. As I said on the previous post, I was treated like a family member here. (I will talk about that on a special post after this Mindanao Challenge). After breakfast, I was introduced to Deejay Bulay. He is a young teacher at Samal Institute and […]

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Mindanao Challenge Day5- Blessings: Hitchhike from GenSan to Davao & Food Trip with LakwatserangBayong

ShareTweet Because I finished writing my Day4 log around 3:30am in the evening, I woke up still lowbatt. But I have to ready myself as I will be “hitchhiking” to Davao City. Thanks Kuya Avel and to Globe Telecom. Tweet: SOCSKSARGEN, thanks for all your surprises! It’s hard to say goodbye, but I have to carry on and explore Davao Region. #mindanao400 There is actually a Globe Presscon in Davao City and since 2 bloggers can’t attend, one slot was given to me. That means that I also get his Jollibee breakfast and the buffet lunch at Victoria Plaza. Love […]

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