What is Travel? (Or What I Think About Some Travel Agencies)

ShareTweet Some people think that travel is just going to resort or the mall- you want this, you get this. But traveling is much more than that, much deeper than most people thought. Travel is much more like going inside a stranger’s home. There are rules and guidelines you must follow. Culture respect, asking permission, learning about the traditions, having a conversation are a must. When you see the family living in the house, especially the head of the family, what do you do? Ignore them? When you see there beautiful garden or pond, do you leave your trash there? […]

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Sagada Travel Guide Collab

ShareTweet Sagada! Almost everyone who hears this destination has something positive to say about the place. If you have been there, then it would surely bring back happy memories. If you haven’t then maybe its time to pay a visit soon. Here’s a SAGADA Travel Guide I and Kara Santos of Travel Up prepared for those of you who are planning to visit Sagada soon: 1. Describe the destination. Kara: Sagada is one of the most scenic places in the country. The place is so laid-back and you can just relax, enjoy the cold weather and beautiful scenery and really […]

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Romancing Sagada

ShareTweet Note: If you read the account slowly and imaginatively, you will hear a soft voice telling you  to share this to your friends. Enjoy masticating my Sagada travelogue! =) Romancing Sagada. Bow. GL Bus via Baguio. I was either half-awake or sleeping during the 6-hour bus ride from Baguio. I arrived early afternoon in one of the most touristic destination up North. Accommodation. Looking for a place to stay is not that hard, walk-in visitors like me could easily locate a cheap inn. For Php250 a night, it was a steal, plus their air-conditioning is natural, wifi-ready lobby and […]

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