Sharks for Sale in Palawan, Philippines

ShareTweet According to a recent study, “Sharks kill 12 people a year…” It breaks my heart to write this but I have to… SHARKS FOR SALE IN PALAWAN Me: Manong, anong dala nyo ngayon? (Sir, what did you bring today?) Manong: Pating. Masarap lagyan ng gata. (Shark. It’s good with coconut milk) Me: Ahhhh… (</3) (Heartbreak like being busted by the one you are courting for a month). (I pretended to be curious and as if it was my first time to see sharks being sold) Manong: (shouting to the man about 30meters away who just got out of the house) […]

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On the Road in the Philippines

ShareTweet Driving in Manila is an experience in itself and, as you jostle for position amongst the plethora of motorcycles, pedicabs and brightly colored Jeepneys, you may be forgiven if the urge to hang up your driving gloves becomes irresistible. However, if you manage to cope with the pot holes and gravel roads, dirt tracks and goat loads, you are sure to have a unique and remarkable trip. Here we look at the top five attractions reachable by road. Banue Rice Terraces Driving through mountain ranges is always a pleasure. Spectacular views and majestic geology abound as you navigate the […]

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10 Philippine Backpacking Routes for Newbies

ShareTweet After traveling for almost a decade now (I’m not that old, I just started young) and setting foot on each of the 80 provinces of the Philippines on a budget, I guess it would be of great help to suggest some backpacking routes for those who are just starting out. I made it plain and simple with some suggestions on each route. I also don’t want to give a detailed itinerary for most of the places below as I want the traveler to be excited in his/her journey. Please do your best to make your own adventure and not […]

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