[VIDEO] Palawan Journey: 14-Day Motorbike Tour with my Father’s Ashes

ShareTweet “There is no such thing as death. Life existed before we were born and will continue to exist after we leave this world. Same with love, it existed before and will go on forever.” ― Paulo Coelho I know many here have lost a loved one- a dear friend, a parent or even a child. I know the feeling…. Exactly a year ago my father died… in my arms… His dying wish was to revisit Palawan where he worked after his seminary years in the late 70’s. 2 months after his death I went on a 14-day roadtrip in Northern […]

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Living Outside the Box (Or Avocado Shake Reflection)

ShareTweet Note: This reflection happen during my #PalawanJourney There were lots of chattering happening around… in French, Español, English and German… I wrote this as I wait for my Avocado shake in Nacpan Beach, El Nido. My heart pumping wildly not only because I’m moving to the next beach but moreso because I just finished a big cup of brewed coffee. I took the first sip and lick my lips of the remaining avocado shake around it. What a great way to spend the day! I sip another from my glass. We are a generation of people addicted to the […]

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