Ilocandia Quickie

ShareTweet I just came a from a quick respite in the Ilocandia. Summer has been always busy for me and I really am having a hard time writing full blogs. So before I forgot some of my experiences, I want to share with you two touristy sites and an off-the-beaten-track destination in the Ilocandia. Adams, Ilocos Norte Serene morning at Adams. Adams, Ilocos Norte has been a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila. On the leftmost side is our cozy hut perched beside the pond where fresh tilapia can be ordered for hungry visitors. […]

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Why You Should Date a Traveler?

ShareTweet “Why You Should Date a Traveler?” asks someone… Hmmmm…. Out of the blue, I made a video just for you… So, “why you should date a traveler (..ehem…ehem)?” Because he (me!) will make sure that you gotta experience PARADISE every single day of your life. This is one good example… I lay the sarong, you sit by my side… I wrap my arms around you, I listen to your stories, I lau gh at your jokes… I look at your eyes, your lips, fix your hair and smile. I kiss you unexpectedly and you say ‘why?’ I say, I […]

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