13 “Untouristic” Provinces You Should Visit this 2013 (Part 2)

ShareTweet So you will travel to the Philippines soon? I just wrote places apart from the usual tourist spots in the Philippines. Hope you can consider them as you are preparing to travel in the Philippines. Enjoy! Read Part 1 here: 13 “Untouristic” Provinces You Should Visit this 2013 continuing the song “Lubi-Lubi” here are Hulyo, Agosto, Setyembre, Oktubre, Nobyembre, Disyembre and Lubi-Lubi….  To help you see the big picture, here is a location map of where to find these provinces: Hulyo: Northern Samar Spectacular. Breath-taking. Surprising. This is still my fave in Region 8 or Eastern Visayas. I heard […]

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Hammock-Hanging Adventure at UEP White Beach

ShareTweet   Because I pushed my luck and went to Catubig (meaning I spent additional Php200 on RT van fare), I don’t have a choice but to sleep on my hammock on my last night in Northern Samar.       Story: If I remember it right my wallet contains less than Php500, I think is exactly Php461 on my 4th day in Samar (reminds me of my BORACAY – LAGUNA survival trip last year). I need to survive on this budget until I get home to Manila then to Los Banos. Calculating my chances and my money and the […]

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Secrets of Northern Samar: Catubig’s Forgotten Heritage

ShareTweet   I wasn’t able to explore Calbayog City because I didn’t find a place to stay at under Php200. You see I wasn’t able to plan this trip ahead of time so my budget is quite small (as always).  That means going back to my hub- Catarman.     I was checking out the brochures I got from the Catarman Tourism Office and I was intrigued by this small town of Catubig. I have to admit that budget is almost depleted when I decided to pursue the trip to Catubig. I did go anyway and found out that Catubig […]

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