Sagada’s Porn Cave

ShareTweet Well… I guess most people who go to Sagada would like to see/experience the usual- The Hanging Coffins, Cave Connection, Bomod-ok Waterfalls, Sagada Weaving, Lemon House, Yoghurt House, Salt and Pepper, Kapay-aw Rice Terraces, Echo Valley, Mt. Kiltepan, (do I hear hush/weed?) etc… So did I! hahaha Well, not exactly, as I exchanged seeing the Hanging Coffins to partake in the rare ritual called “SENGA.” So after the senga ceremony it was time to see what Sagada is famous for- Sumaging Cave, Burial Cave and the Hanging Coffins. I’m not really into spelunking. I don’t know I guess I […]

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Witnessing the ‘SENGA’ in Sagada, Mt. Province

ShareTweet Blood! Lots of blood! Screaming pigs! The constant tapping of the stick to the chicken’s neck. Torture? Read on… As if the universe conspired that I was able to witness this rare ritual called “senga” which is being practiced by the Igorots in the Mt. Province. I don’t want to be technical about it so I will be recounting my experience and observations of what happened during this sacred tradition. For starters, SENGA is a family ritual to drive away or appease spirits causing illness. In the case of what I witnessed, an old family member is about to […]

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