ISANGDAAN: The Most Epic Travel Challenge in the Philippines- A Success!

ShareTweet As seen on ANC / GMA News To Go /  TV 5 I’m writing this blog post before Day100 ends… #ISANGDAAN Journey- the most EPIC and EXCITING travel challenge in the Philippines is a success! Wooooohoooo! Parteh! Parteh! According to my rough estimate, I traveled 9,001kilometers (or 5,625miles) around the Philippine archipelago. That’s how far Jerusalem is from the Philippines. If you want to learn know what #ISANGDAAN is check out this post: 100 Days of Backpacking the Phillppines, non-stop, the cheapest way possible Just WARMING-UP I tweeted earlier that, “#isangdaan is not yet finished” and “that i’m just […]

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