13 “Untouristic” Provinces You Should Visit this 2013 (Part 1)

ShareTweet If you are the same age as me or older, you must have heard this song: Enero, Pebrero, Marso, Abril, Mayo, Hunyo, Hulyo, Agosto. Septyembre, Oktubre, Nobyembre, Disyembre, Lubi Lubi. Konwaray sin abaniko. Patay na inin lawas ko. Lawas ko, ay ay! Madedesmayo San balhas na desmayado konwado. This has a new meaning to me now after somewhat learning some local dialects. So this is a Bicolano folk song called “Lubi-Lubi.” It talks about a woman enduring the heat (summer) from January-Lubi-Lubi (a Dolphy joke that Philippines has 13 months) and if not for the fan’s help, she would […]

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Masbate and Ticao Island Travel Guide

ShareTweet The Province of Masbate, pronounced as Mas-ba-te not Mas-beyt, is located in Southern Luzon and part of Region 5 or the Bicol region. Not that famous to tourists but offers adventures to everyone who wants to discover some off-the-beaten-path trips. I really dont know anything about this part of the country apart from my general knowledge that this province is the poorest in the Philippines. So I really took the time to visit this province as part of my 100-day journey around the Philippines. Let me share you some of the experiences I had while exploring Masbate for 3 […]

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