13 “Untouristic” Provinces You Should Visit this 2013 (Part 1)

ShareTweet If you are the same age as me or older, you must have heard this song: Enero, Pebrero, Marso, Abril, Mayo, Hunyo, Hulyo, Agosto. Septyembre, Oktubre, Nobyembre, Disyembre, Lubi Lubi. Konwaray sin abaniko. Patay na inin lawas ko. Lawas ko, ay ay! Madedesmayo San balhas na desmayado konwado. This has a new meaning to me now after somewhat learning some local dialects. So this is a Bicolano folk song called “Lubi-Lubi.” It talks about a woman enduring the heat (summer) from January-Lubi-Lubi (a Dolphy joke that Philippines has 13 months) and if not for the fan’s help, she would […]

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JourneyingJames as a Copra Farmer in Marinduque

ShareTweet TO THE WHITE BEACH OF MONGPONG ISLAND This is one of those moments that I don’t have ay idea where I am going. What I know is that Marinduquenos are the most hospitable Filipinos I met. Furthermore, I want to visit those places that are not frequented by tourists- so when I heard of this Mongpong island off the coast of the town of Sta. Cruz, Marinduque, I instantly grabbed the opportunity to see it for myself. Actually, the moment I heard that it boasts of white beach sand, I was 100% sure I’m going there. So I boarded […]

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Station Balacanan, Marinduque: Journey to the Heart of the Philippines

ShareTweet Luzon Datum, Station Balacanan, Mompog, Marinduque Do these before reading the post: 1. Get your Philippines map. 2. Point your finger on the very center of the Philippines 3. Bonus: Count how many times I used the word “heart.”   The place you are pointing to is called Station Balacanan or Luzon Datum as called by the Mariduquenos.  Latitude 13° 33′ 42″ N; Longitude 121° 52′ 03″ E. This place should be in every Geodetic Engineer’s dream destination. I’m no geodetic engineer (what’s that?!!) but going to the very heart of the Philippines was an accomplishment because its kinda […]

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