10 New Learnings in Intramuros

ShareTweet I’ve been to Intramuros countless of times before and was able to tour some foreign backpackers around but the Walled City is a place of learning new lessons every time I go. Here’s 10 new lessons I got on my latest visit. Special thanks to Ivan of ivanlakwetsero.com for guiding the group and sharing amazing facts during the photo-walk.   1. Intramuros = Manila, before. The Old Manila in only the walled city, everything outside the wall is considered province. Meaning even if you live in the poshest condominium in Makati right now, it is considered “probinsya” before. Intramuros […]

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6 Misplaced Landmarks in Manila

ShareTweet I noticed that I don’t have much material on Manila except for my kinda controversial “Manila Dream.” So I decided to ask Ivan of BatangLakwatsero. Boy, I tell you this kid is a promising travel blogger. So I present to you the last installment of his “Manila Landmarks Trilogy”: 6 Misplaced Landmarks of Manila   HISTORY 101: The so called “Benevolent Assimilation of the Philippines” by President McKinley happened after the Spanish-American War wherein the US will take control of the whole Philippines Islands (part of the Treaty of Paris) marked the beginning of the American Era of the […]

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The Manila Dream

ShareTweet   To Whom It May Concern: I’m just dreaming and if this post proved to be disrespectful in any way, I will delete it.   Still, here are the 10 Dreams I have for Manila, our beloved capital city. I pray that this is not wishful thinking or maybe I’m foolish enough to care?   1. Preserve Your Lungs, Plant More Trees. Instead of putting chicken wires and street portalets, I suggest we plant more trees. Think Green MMDA. Ohh, it will also help with the problem of flooding, promise.         2. Not Another Mall Please. […]

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