PH Travel Idea: 3 Largest Lakes

ShareTweet Mountaineers can easily identify the three tallest mountains in the Philippines. most people are keen to know World and country trivia like the biggest whatever, smallest whatever or longest, etc. Since we Filipinos have this adiction, might as well capitalize on this. Giving you an idea of the biggest lakes in the Philippines and how to visit them can make your travel plans exciting: 1. Laguna Lake Actually, calling this Laguna Lake is redundant since laguna is the Spanish of lake. That is why we also hear people call this Laguna de Bay (Bay’s Lake- Bay is the old capital town of […]

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Photo Duel: Laguna de Bay and Lanao Lake

ShareTweet There are at least 94 recorded lakes in the Philippines. Although I’m a beach person I find lakes very scenic and serene. I am sure that most of my readers here have seen one or even more. Today’s feature are two of the largest lakes in the country: Laguna de Bay Laguna is a Spanish word for lake, so calling it Laguna Lake is redundant so we call it Laguna de Bay or Lake of Bay. Bay is a town of Laguna (province). It is the largest lake in the Philippines and 3rd in Southeast Asia. Sandwiched between the […]

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