ISANGDAAN: The Most Epic Travel Challenge in the Philippines- A Success!

ShareTweet As seen on ANC / GMA News To Go /  TV 5 I’m writing this blog post before Day100 ends… #ISANGDAAN Journey- the most EPIC and EXCITING travel challenge in the Philippines is a success! Wooooohoooo! Parteh! Parteh! According to my rough estimate, I traveled 9,001kilometers (or 5,625miles) around the Philippine archipelago. That’s how far Jerusalem is from the Philippines. If you want to learn know what #ISANGDAAN is check out this post: 100 Days of Backpacking the Phillppines, non-stop, the cheapest way possible Just WARMING-UP I tweeted earlier that, “#isangdaan is not yet finished” and “that i’m just […]

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ISANGDAAN Journey Update 5: 80 Philippine Provinces Done!

ShareTweet Drum roll please….. 80 Provinces Done! I say this with all pride and thankfulness that on the 80th Day of #ISANGDAAN Journey, I finished visiting all the 80 provinces and the 15 regions of the Philippines. Hoooray! Hoooray! Yes, I’m still in the state of unbelief that I’ve been to the farthest North (Batanes); East (Davao Oriental); South (Tawi-Tawi); and West (Palawan) of the Philippine archipelago. Say what?!! A feat only a few can do or will ever try. Here’s the list Ivan Henares did- CLUB PH80 (Travelers who visited all 80 Philippine provinces). REALITY BITES But reality bites, day […]

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