Astonishing Adams, Ilocos Norte

ShareTweet How I was able to see Adams, Ilocos Norte? Dra. Tess: You should go to Adams. James: I think I heard about that, but its not part of my IT. DT: I have a contact there. J: Really? Hmmmmm….. DT: If you want I can call her, tell her to provide a place for you. J: Wow! Sure! Sure! There are times that itineraries are not followed and travel plans are edited to experience beyond what you imagine- TO BE ASTONISHED! This is what DIY trips fun and what packaged tours can’t offer- the thrill of finding something amazing, […]

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Why You Should Date a Traveler?

ShareTweet “Why You Should Date a Traveler?” asks someone… Hmmmm…. Out of the blue, I made a video just for you… So, “why you should date a traveler (..ehem…ehem)?” Because he (me!) will make sure that you gotta experience PARADISE every single day of your life. This is one good example… I lay the sarong, you sit by my side… I wrap my arms around you, I listen to your stories, I lau gh at your jokes… I look at your eyes, your lips, fix your hair and smile. I kiss you unexpectedly and you say ‘why?’ I say, I […]

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