Delectable Pinangat at Let’s Pinangat

ShareTweet Kuya Miguel, the buko vendor at the foot of Ligñon Hill told me that if I really like to taste the best Pinangat, I should go to Camalig. So from Cagsawa Ruins, I hurriedly went to Camalig and when I saw Let’s Pinangat I asked the jeepney driver to stop. Time check: 12:45pm. My tummy’s only request- FOOD! Guess what I ordered?     Pinangat is made up of gabi leaves (taro), cooked slowly with lotsa coconut oil. They also put daing (dried fish) and of course green sili to add flavor. I love the smoky, creamy taste of […]

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One More Rice, Make it Two! Foodtrip at Pala-Pala Bacolod City

ShareTweet   Oh so you think its about Chicken Inasal? Slight, but NO! Piaya and Napoleones? Well, almost!   The Background… Okay, I need your imagination here. Pretend that you just had your late afternoon coffee and merienda, your stomach hasn’t digested yet what you ate earlier and here comes dinner.   The Accomplices…. That’s exactly what happened to me when newfound friends invited me to have dinner with them at the Old Pala-Pala. Someone told me it’s the place to be for some gastronomic adventures and so even though I’m still full, I jumped into the van and went […]

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Pagadian Adventures: The One-Peso Barbecue

ShareTweet What can your 1-peso buy? Tweet: “pork barbecue (Php 1 each), puso (Php 3 each) and balbacua soup (free) for dinner at the night market. barato at lami, busog!”   What I like in small city like this is the dirt cheap barbecue stations, journeyingjames-friendly hawker stalls, which they call the Night Market. It’s not the same with CDO’s vibrant Night Café but I’m happy to see the hanging rice or puso and various display of meat ready to be grilled- chicken thigh, pork liver and everything in between.     Looking at the small pork barbecue cubes, I asked, […]

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