Burped at Calasiao Puto and Dagupan Bangus

ShareTweet I was looking forward for the Pangasinan trip not because of the puto (I don’t have any idea that they have puto in Calasiao) but because of the Dagupan Bangus. I was dreaming of a good hot sinigang na bangus during the looooong 5-hour trip and I will not leave Pangasinan without satisfying my fishy-craving. 🙂 Finger-licking Puto Calasiao After a short visit to Calasiao Church, we crossed the street to try some of the local delicacies. Alex of CrazySexyFun Traveler has a sweet tooth, she just loves to eat (makes me wonder where this “model” puts all the carbs) and […]

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One More Rice, Make it Two! Foodtrip at Pala-Pala Bacolod City

ShareTweet   Oh so you think its about Chicken Inasal? Slight, but NO! Piaya and Napoleones? Well, almost!   The Background… Okay, I need your imagination here. Pretend that you just had your late afternoon coffee and merienda, your stomach hasn’t digested yet what you ate earlier and here comes dinner.   The Accomplices…. That’s exactly what happened to me when newfound friends invited me to have dinner with them at the Old Pala-Pala. Someone told me it’s the place to be for some gastronomic adventures and so even though I’m still full, I jumped into the van and went […]

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10 Food to Try When Visiting Batanes

ShareTweet I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t love food. Personally, I always try the local food available in the community even though I’m not familiar with the taste and name of the food. Its part of the travel experience and a part of discovery. Today I share with you some of the foods (and a wine) I remember eating while in Batanes. Most of these foods are available at Hiro’s Café where we usually hang out when its eating time. 1. Uvud Balls. Its like meat balls but made from banana heart with ground meat. The soup is a […]

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