Catanduanes: Your Complete Adventure Island

ShareTweet I envy the Provincial Tourism Officer of Catanduanes for his/her work of promoting their adventure island. I think it’s both easy and challenging- branding the island and promoting it like, “Catanduanes: Your [Complete] Adventure Island.” Off-the-tourist-path (except for the occasional surfers from Japan and Australia) Catanduanes has a lot of potential (I’m speaking as a tour operator/organizer and backpacker). When I try to promote a destination, I always point people to the ONE highlight (yes ONLY ONE). Everyone who has been to this rugged island province would agree with me that the highlight destination is Majestic Puraran in the […]

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Catanduanes: Cheap Accommodations for Backpackers

ShareTweet Before anything else, I want to repost a summary of my stay: After all these seeming MISADVENTURES, 4 hours of sunlight during my stay, frustrations, cancellation, and lotsa rain, I’m still encouraging everyone to experience this Battered but Blissful island province called Catanduanes. Try the Majestics at Puraran which is said to be a surfer’s paradise. You can also join the locals at Bato Church and see for yourself how this old structure reflects the resiliency of her people. If you are looking for a post-card kinda thing, you will not find it hear, well maybe at the Twin […]

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Catanduanes (Mis)Adventures V: Tourism Gone Bad at Twin Rock Beach Resort?

ShareTweet Tricycle Toploading & Chocolate Hills at Catanduanes? On my way to Twin Rock Resort, I shoot a video of myself toploading a tricycle. Observe the rough road and the mountainous terrain that reminds me of Bohol’s renowned Chocolate Hills. Twin Rock Resort Ask a local what not to miss in Catanduanes and most of them will point you to Twin Rock Beach Resort at Igang southeast of Virac. Twin Rock Resort is a white beach cove developed into a resort with picnic huts, some water sports (kayaking, snorkeling) and extreme outdoor activities (wall-climbing, zipline & suspended obstacle course).   […]

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