Exploring Lahab Cave in Dumalag, Capiz

ShareTweet Exploring Lahab Cave in Dumalag, Capiz I’m always in the lookout for places that are off the tourist-radar. As I said, Capiz in the Visayas is one Province you should not miss visiting this 2013. Why? Because Capiz is so underrated. People always think of seafood when you mention Capiz or Roxas City. But the province is more than that. I visited Capiz twice last year and found some potential tourists draw. One of them Lahab Cave. Lahab Cave is located in Dumalag. Dumalag is a town about 45 minutes south of Roxas City. I’m not really into caves as […]

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13 “Untouristic” Provinces You Should Visit this 2013 (Part 2)

ShareTweet So you will travel to the Philippines soon? I just wrote places apart from the usual tourist spots in the Philippines. Hope you can consider them as you are preparing to travel in the Philippines. Enjoy! Read Part 1 here: 13 “Untouristic” Provinces You Should Visit this 2013 continuing the song “Lubi-Lubi” here are Hulyo, Agosto, Setyembre, Oktubre, Nobyembre, Disyembre and Lubi-Lubi….  To help you see the big picture, here is a location map of where to find these provinces: Hulyo: Northern Samar Spectacular. Breath-taking. Surprising. This is still my fave in Region 8 or Eastern Visayas. I heard […]

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In Retrospect: 14-Day Solo Backpacking Challenge

ShareTweet Here’s for everyone to understand better and more clearly why I have to do the challenge. Purpose: I want to prove to myself and to others as well, especially to Filipinos, that traveling is not that expensive (or reserved only for the rich) thereby encourage fellow Filipinos to travel and explore their own country. Duration: July 6-21, 2010 (14 days + 1) Route/Itinerary: West Visayas except Antique, Region 6 (get a Philippine map to better understand) Manila – Negros Occidental (Silay City, Bacolod City, Murcia, La Carlota City, Kabankalan City, Hinigaran, Valladolid) Negros Occidental – Guimaras (Nueva Valencia, Jordan) […]

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