What Happened in Calaguas Should NOT Stay in Calaguas!

ShareTweet Sun-drenched, head to toes aching, saltwater-wet clothes and happy memories. That’s what happened in CALAGUAS for me. But wait, there’s more… (check this for the Calaguas Sexy Summer Photoshoot) As usual, my camera memory gave me less than 30 photos of Calaguas because I was too pre-occupied enjoying the sun, sand and saltwater I forgot to document in stills. But who needs photos when the memories of the happy beach linger in my head and heart? Going to Calaguas… I can still remember that 7-hour hilo-inducing serpentine road to Camarines Norte with damn-it reckless bus drivers along the coastal roads […]

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Calaguas Travel Guide Collab

ShareTweet This is a new feature of my blog. Short and sweet made possible by my fellow travel bloggers. Its very simple, we describe and give travel tips about a destination we both love. So, let’s start with Calaguas with voluptuous Mich of Chasing Philippines. Here’s the Calaguas Travel Guide Collab with Chasing Philippines.   What We Think About Calaguas: 1. Describe Calaguas. Mich says: Calaguas is a paradise. That’s it! (It’s my most favorite beach and sssh… I have this tendency to be selfish; wishing that it could stay as a secret island forever to keep it unspoiled. Its fine I mean […]

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10 Must-Visit Off-The-Beaten-Path Destinations in the Philippines

ShareTweet Getting tired of the usual Boracay, Puerto Princesa, Bohol, Banaue, Vigan and Cebu itinerary? Here’s my suggestion for intrepid travelers and backpackers wanting to explore something new, something that others only dream about. Maybe some of them you heard for the first time. I compiled my best kept destinations and divulge the secret for my dear readers. Here are 10 destinations in the Philippines you may want to add on your must-see list this coming new year. Wait, there’s more! I added some notes on what you can expect in each of these places. If you love Geography like me, […]

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