10 ICONS of Boracay

ShareTweet Sooo Boracay… Here are the 10 icons you wouldn’t miss when on the island of Boracay. Have you seen them all? Maybe you have your picture taken in one of these: 1. Willy’s Rock. You will not miss this when walking on the white beach, located at Station 1. I believe this is the most-photographed icon in Boracay. I really don’t know why. Willy’s Rock by beanintropics   2. Sunset at White Beach. The white beach is, for lack of better term, “stunning” high-tide or low-tide; add the setting golden sun and you get one of the most beautiful […]

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Boracay Without the Crowd

ShareTweet I will not be afraid to call Boracay island “the most touristic destination in the Philippines.” Ask any Korean (or any tourist visiting the Philippines) if they have been to Boracay and the answer would always be yes. If no, then surely, they have heard about this party beach. So why did I come here? I wanted to discover something new and different. Like this secret beach my friend Brian showed me:     This is not Puka Beach. This is not a private beach either. No entrance whatsoever. How to get there? No way! I would never share […]

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Not Your Ordinary Boracay

ShareTweet Pictures of white sand beaches, strips of classy restaurant and hotels, massage offerings, etcetera fill the mind of a traveler when the word “Boracay” is mentioned. Everyone seems to have memorized the shops you see from Stations 1 to 3. I mean who doesn’t now the famous D-Mall, Willy’s Rock and Summer Place- names that yuppies seem to include in their conversations even while at office. Why not? It’s cool to be in Boracay. Trivia: Station 1-3 are called that way because back “when the sands were sugar-white and bats ruled the sky” in Boracay (1980 up till the […]

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