What you see 30,000 ft above the ground

ShareTweet This happened on my second to the last day of a month-long journey in the Visayas and Ilocos Region.   5:36pm, 29th of October 2011 30A. 30,000 ft. 5J 405. Seat belt on. A little bit of turbulence. I’m staring on my window (you can always request a window sit when checking in). The mountains are covered with white clouds. The sky above them is painted powder blue, and pink too. On my east, the sun begins to set, it colors the background fiery red and orange. Now my window begins to show a sea of white clouds, so […]

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STRANGE[R] ENCOUNTER: Kaalim Family of Samal Island, Davao

ShareTweet Yato Island and Rio Hondo encounters were a hit and I saw that people love to read my unexpected meetings with strangers. Now let me continue the feature with another story from Mindanao more particularly in Samal Island, that little isle east of Davao City.  My tweet the night I arrived at the Kaalim compound was, “I’m staying in a Muslim family here in Samal island. I feel like part of the family already. Asalam alaikum!” Strangers who became my friends: Kuya Lek, Ate Frances, Mother Fely, Deejay, Abdul, Rashid, Nurj Place of meeting: Brgy. Tambo, Babak District, Samal […]

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When Death is ‘THE’ Destination

ShareTweet “Death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it.” – Steve Jobs I guess its best to open this post with a quote from the iMac guy. Now let’s go to business (to death destinations I mean)… When Death is The Destination or better yet 5 must-visit places that makes death a main feature: 1. Hanging Coffins, Sagada, Mountain Province. I’m starting with a spot that I have never been to yet. A lot of opportunities on going here has passed but I still can’t find the time to really see what makes tourist keep […]

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