One More Rice, Make it Two! Foodtrip at Pala-Pala Bacolod City

ShareTweet   Oh so you think its about Chicken Inasal? Slight, but NO! Piaya and Napoleones? Well, almost!   The Background… Okay, I need your imagination here. Pretend that you just had your late afternoon coffee and merienda, your stomach hasn’t digested yet what you ate earlier and here comes dinner.   The Accomplices…. That’s exactly what happened to me when newfound friends invited me to have dinner with them at the Old Pala-Pala. Someone told me it’s the place to be for some gastronomic adventures and so even though I’m still full, I jumped into the van and went […]

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Day 2: Inasal at Bacolod & Mambukal

ShareTweet Thanks for reading Day 1. If you are lost, you can read the 14-Day Solo Backpacking Challenge I’m trying to recount. If you are too busy or lazy to read that, its a personal challenge to spend only P250/day all-in, yes you read it right, ALL-IN (accommodation, food, transportation, other fees, etc.) The male pulling the carabao sculpture was made by Felix Gaston, a Negrense artist & the woman reclining on the carabao was made by a unnamed French sculptor. ANG PANGHIMUD-OS by Eduardo Castrillo Hiligaynon word for “endeavor” literally “The Struggle” I started the day by going back to the […]

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Day 1: Touchdown at Silay-Bacolod

ShareTweet Cinco De Noviembre Marker, Silay City James: Ma, paalis na ako bukas Mama: Ok, ingat. Saan ka nga pupunta? James: Backpacking Trip- Negros, Panay at kung saan-saan Mama: Ok, mag-text ka. James: Kulang pa yung pera ko e. Mama: Wala na akong pera. James: (sa isip lang) Ayos! Pareho pa tayo. ‘Wag nang ituloy ito… ——- English version James: (European accent) Mommm, I’ll be leaving tomorrow. Mom: Okay. Take care. Where are you going again? James: Backpacking Trip- Negros, Panay and many more… Mom: Okay, just text me your whereabouts. James: (Hoping I get more pocket money) I don’t […]

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