September-October Travel Plans in Bicol, the Visayas, and Ilocos

ShareTweet   Hello dear reader!     First, I want to thank you for reading this blog. I appreciate that you continually support journeyingjames especially by retweeting my tweets and sharing my links. Second, I want to keep you posted about my travel schedules in the following weeks. If you are within the area; maybe we could meet up, have some coffee (booze) or lunch together. Third, I’ve been playing with the idea of traveling with a group and/or having a travel buddy to share the cost, exchange stories, etc. I think this would be cool!   So here’s my […]

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10 Travel Secrets of JourneyingJames

ShareTweet As promised last week, i’m sharing with you my tried and tested skills on how I always get to spend the cheapest way possible. I assure you that you can do all of these:   1. Buy your plane tickets ahead of time. Plan ahead, seize the promo fares. Sign up to their e-mail alerts. 2. Instead of eating in fastfoods, try the local carinderia. Who knows you might found something exotic. I remember ordering “ginataang palos” (eel cooked in coconut milk) while in Guimaras and it tasted awesome! Would definitely recommend it to everyone. I also remember eating […]

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It’s Not Too Late to Travel or “On Pursuing My Dream”

ShareTweet This should be ALL CAPS, red, BOLD (and Font 72): “IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO TRAVEL” I write this to encourage travelers and would-be travelers out there to start exploring our beautiful country, the Philippines. This is to let you know that traveling is for you and it’s not too late to discover the wonders of our 7,107 islands. I am including my Lakbayan Map to drive my point that “if there is a WILL to EXPLORE, there is definitely a WAY”. Note: The bluer the map, the more frequent I visited those places. The whites on the map […]

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