Accommodations in Dahican Beach, Mati City

ShareTweet I spent almost a year living among the Amihan Boys in Dahican Beach in 2013. Friends always ask me about accommodation, tent and hammock options around the area so I thought of blogging about this for the information of everyone. Here’s Accommodations in Dahican Beach, Mati City complete with contact numbers, email addresses and rates. You can also check “How to get to Dahican Beach” at the end of the article. 1. Amihan sa Dahican (Tent) Home of the Amihan Boys, those skimboarders who fly on waves you always see on photos, this area of the beach is the […]

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Stoked at Dahican Beach, Mati City

ShareTweet STOKED. SURFING. LIFE. That feeling of waking up from a good night rest and getting out of your hammock to check if there are waves on your fave spot. Waistline waves playing with the reef while the sun is beginning to show its anticrepuscular rays. Because you are excited, you are already wearing you fave board shorts, you donned your rash guard for a complete surfer feel. By this time you now get your surfboard, apply wax on the slippery areas, put on your leash and begin paddling out to the sea. As your feet have a first taste […]

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