ISANGDAAN: The Most Epic Travel Challenge in the Philippines- A Success!

ShareTweet As seen on ANC / GMA News To Go /  TV 5 I’m writing this blog post before Day100 ends… #ISANGDAAN Journey- the most EPIC and EXCITING travel challenge in the Philippines is a success! Wooooohoooo! Parteh! Parteh! According to my rough estimate, I traveled 9,001kilometers (or 5,625miles) around the Philippine archipelago. That’s how far Jerusalem is from the Philippines. If you want to learn know what #ISANGDAAN is check out this post: 100 Days of Backpacking the Phillppines, non-stop, the cheapest way possible Just WARMING-UP I tweeted earlier that, “#isangdaan is not yet finished” and “that i’m just […]

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James Wearing Four Different Hats Series

ShareTweet During my #ISANGDAAN Journey I experienced a lot of things, although I want to talk about them here, I don’t want my writing to bore you to death. So I just chose 4 memorable ones (there’s a lot more but I wanna share that on my upcoming book). Here’s something you might want to check back in the near future. Promise, its one thing to read me, another thing to watch me. So here’s the 29 seconds teaser: James Wearing Four Different Hats Series Yep, I helped the Butbut tribe in Kalinga to plant some rice; I became a Big […]

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Take the Rough Road- A Reflection

ShareTweet Often times we want comfort, we stay away from the bumpy and rugged road, we want everything paved, ironed out to the very details. Truth is, you don’t learn anything significant when everything is running smooth. Embrace the road even if its not smooth! A lot of times I complain, yep, I complain on how bumpy the road is, the potholes as many as the white hairs of Sen. Joker Arroyo. The rough road slows you down. But I’m reminded to enjoy the journey, that the roads to greater heights are not paved. That you have to slow down […]

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