Bucket List

Have a family (a beautiful wife, one son, one daughter)

Have a yacht

Travel around the world with someone I love <3

Swim with the sharks.Β I was able to swim with 7 baby sharks at Coron, Palawan. Man, it was scary at first but then I befriended them, then they called their stingray friends. I was able to swim with the whalesharks of Donsol, Sorsogon too.

Ride a camel

Run a marathon. May 22, 2010 during The Bull Runner Dream Marathon. I finished the 42.195Km course after 5:00:03 hours of running.

Climb 30 Philippine mountains (Makiling, Manabu, Palali, Bud Bongao, Purgatory, Komkompol, Batulao, Pico de Loro, Talamitam, Cleopatra’s Needle)

Travel Southeast Asia by 2020. (Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, East Timor and Laos) -done by 2015 after traveling Southeast Asia for 100 Days.

Have a home on the mountain overlooking the sea. We already bought a property, now planning to build a house

Circumcise someone. Summer of 2008 in one of the medical missions we had in Benguet. I circumcised a teen from the Kalanguya tribe. I’m no nurse or medical student.


Bungee jumping

Join a surfing competition.Finally, after 7 months of serious surfing, I joined a surfing competition at Gubat, Sorsogon during their Hayahay Surf Camp 2013. Photo here.

Coach a Basketball team. I coached the Elites Team from South Hill School, Los Banos. We had a lot of fun times and beat some of the great teams in Laguna.

Kiss someone in Paris with the Eiffel tower in view.

Swim with dolphins. Its actually impossible to swim with dolphins but I managed to somehow do it, you can watch the video: Dolphins Love Freedom in Mati City

Visit the Pyramids of Egypt

Scuba-dive at Tubbataha Reef

Ride a helicopter. It was a childhood dream. A short ride from Manila to Lipa City. I want to do this again!

Run/bike from Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte to Matnog, Sorsogon.

Visit the Holy Land.

Write a book and get publish

Have my own TV travel show.

Form a Missions Team group. We did a medical mission to Coron, Palawan to the farflung islands.

Visit the Coliseum at Rome

Trek the Batad Rice Terraces. Did this thrice with Kuya Bong, Kuya Gel and friends. I love the ‘outdoors’ because of them. My latest report: Batad, what happened to your charm?

Run another marathon. I finished the Camsur International Marathon (42K) sub 4:40. Here’s my story: 6 Things I Love about CamSur Marathon

Help/Support a poor kid go to school

Have my own coffee shop

Learn Kite-surfing

Join an ultramarathon

Skinny dipping. Naked means freedom. See here

Fly on a hot air balloon

Learn how to use the Katana

Get published in an international book/mag. Cebu Pacific SMILE and PAL’s Mabuhay

Play and run like a kid under the rain. You always want to relive childhood memories once in a while and just get crazy!

Watch the World Cup

Watch the Summer Olympics

Make my own cocktail mix

See all the 28 Philippine Marine Mammals

See the Northern Lights

Bike around Amsterdam

201 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. great list…i said i’ll write mine after i’ve seen the movie but never got around to doing it…now i read yours and got inspired again!

    follow you heart , james!

  2. Ngayon ko lang nabasa tong part na to. Pag may coffee shop ka na, pwede bang makalibre kahit isang tasa lang sa isang Linggo kahit instant lang masaya na ko. Hehe. Nawa’y makumpleto mo lahat to!

  3. And I clicked -here- after reading this: Skinny dipping-DONE. Naked means freedom. See here
    i’m amazed by you and it’s a joy reading your posts.

  4. Fantastic List! Congrats on running a marathon, that’s one I don’t even want to kid myself by putting on my Bucket List Though I did skydive & swim with dolphins, both of which were amazing! Best wishes on your journey.

  5. Mag-c-contribute ako dun sa scuba dive.

    Hintay mo na maging instructor ako; I’ll certify you.

    Kaya galingan mo yun Batanes Love na post(s). πŸ˜€

  6. hahahaha.. naibigan ko naman ito! gusto ko din yung “kiss a total starnger in paris” at gagawin ko din yung swim with dolphins

  7. “Run/bike from Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte to Matnog, Sorsogon.” <—— seriously, James?! layo ah! north to south ^^

  8. Wow! Nakakatuwa naman. . . parang gusto ko ring gumawa ng bucket list with journying with my kids… hehehehe…. ang hirap cguro pag may kids na kasama…

    Aabangan ko yong “Kiss someone total stanger in Paris” :-)) luv it.

  9. Hi James!!! Your site is a real inspiration! I can see your passion and dedication through your articles, well done! Im looking forward for more DONE items on your list. Have fun;) God bless, Tijo

  10. Swim with the sharks.. hindi ba scary?
    Have a home on the mountain overlooking the sea.. WOW!
    run with manny pacquiao.. pwde mo siguro sabayan sa training

    I like your bucket list.. hope you fulfill all and more.. good luck!

  11. nice bucket list.. whew! things i want to do is scrambling in my mind…whoa!
    thinking to make again a list.. i ve made something like this way back college days and misplaced it..hmmmmmmmmmmm…. congrats james.. hope to see more DONE…

  12. may i share mine which you might want to add to your list.
    1. rappel (good start at mapawa river trek in CDO)
    2. visit batanes and do everything possible that you can do there
    3. see tawi-tawi (why not? safe to go there so long you go with someone who knows the place)
    4. climb more mountains (the highest in luzon, visayas and mindanao)

  13. hi jamess..nice…astig ang bucket list….!matutupad yan..sabi nga nI Walt disney, If you can dream it you can achieve it….AJa.!!

  14. hi jamess..nice…astig ang bucket list….!matutupad yan..sabi nga nI Walt disney, If you can dream it you can achieve it….AJa.!!

  15. I love your bucket list so much . parang 100 things to do before the end of the world .. Kulit . permit me to follow your blog for . thanks mine po is jhaynerarangol.wordpress.com

  16. this is inspiring! just this year I decided to make my own bucket list and now I am more persistent to achieve it when I read yours ^_^

  17. Nice. I don’t exactly have a bucket list but I want to do many similar things. Like mountain climbing, learning scuba diving and dive in Tubbataha, see the Coliseum, bungee jumping, etc. I just can’t find travel buddies. Travelling alone is not something I’d want to do at this point. James Franco’s 127 Hours comes to mind. Yipes! Hmm. Maybe, the next time you’re in Bacolod, give me a heads up. Kanlaon doesn’t seem much of a challenge but it is the highest peak in Visayas.

  18. WoW! what more can I say, as in wow! traveling and having this done in a hundred days? wow! sana maachieve mo na ung very 1st sa bucket list mo, “Have a family (a beautiful wife, one son, one daughter)” para me kasama ka na sa mga susunod na journey mo. I love to see your blogsite, seeing a picture of your future wife and kids, traveling together. Keep it up, very helpful tsong! nice blog…:)

  19. nakakatuwa ka james! i get inspired by your bucket list πŸ™‚ will have my list ready, but for now, stalker mode muna ko sa blog mo habang wla si boss!

    Keep an eye on your goals ^_^

  20. James, if u want pure adrenaline rush then u should do bungy jumping & sky diving. These r a must experience 4 adventure & thrill seekers… i did bungy at d world’s highest- macau tower, 4 jumps… i wil do sky diving in thailand’s bird’s paradise on d 7th of june… so excited…

  21. ….All time favorite among the list…..

    >>>>>Have a home on the mountain overlooking the sea<<<<

  22. Hi! This is such a wonderful blog site. You inspired me and my boss to create our own bucket list and travel the most enjoyable cheapest one!

    Thanks for sharing such great experiences. This is indeed a beautiful place to live in. Cheers!!

  23. hi james! i so envy you. Love to travel philippines but no time due to work. God bless your trips and may our Lord fulfill your bucket list. meron rin ako at little by little natutupad rin =)

  24. ngayon ko lang nabasa ang blogs mo. Yet. i am inspired and ignite by the handful of information I had read and will be reading pa in the future. you can compile your stories and definitely you can have a nice travel tips and guide books and more details too. Keep up james… I will love to look at your blogs and savor some tips soon if we / i will plan to do backpacking too.
    God bless and keep in inspiring…:-) -Mariz, ComVal

  25. nice bucket list. I really envy people who gets to travel. Pangarap ko rin makarating sa iba’t ibang lugar. I’m 36 now and I haven’t been anywhere farther than Bataan sa north and Batangas sa south. My son is turning 7 next week. Gusto ko sana makaalis kaming family imbes na mag-party pero sobrang tight ng budget namin. Any suggestions na kasya ang 10K na budget na malapit sa Manila at di masyadong hassle ang commute? Wala kaming sasakyan at Saturday and Sunday lang namin pwedeng gawin. Thanks a lot and travel safe!

  26. ahhh just discovered ur site today and it’s awesome!!! fan mo na ako from now on. I so like ur adventures! Hahaha nakakainspire ang bucket list mo! =)
    One item I think you can slash off your list I think is “Send a child to school”, you can try being a sponsor sa WorldVision. I’m not related to them ha, but I think that should help you tick one item off your list.

  27. hello kuya james! you inspired me a lot, dream ko ding magtravel here and abroad, at first, akala ko impossible kasi traveling is so expensive, one needs to spend for transportation, food and accommodation pero nung nalaman ko yung naging journey mo super amazed ako, dahil you were able to travel around the Philippines without spending too much. Gusto ko ding gumawa ng bucket list, parang nakakafulfill kapag kino-cross out mo ng paunti-unti lahat ng nasa listahan mo πŸ™‚

  28. in addition, super interested and fascinated ako sa thai culture, historical places nila as well as mga pagkain, gusto ko talagang maikot ang thailand, kuya kapag nagtrip ka dun pati other southeast asian countries paki-inform naman ako kung magkano ang expenses.hehehe para magka-idea ako, kapag pumunta ka ng thailand exciting na ma-experience yung tinatawag nilang Loi Krathong, it falls ata on the month of November πŸ™‚

  29. Hi James! You have a travel blog pala. What a nice discovery! I’m not sure if it was you that i met last 2010 at the Bluewater Day Spa Fun Run in MOA pero you say you are a runner so I guess it was you talaga.. Anyway, your bucket list is so sincere and inspiring. I think that i will make one myself especially the places around the Philippines that i run in. Thank you for sharing.

  30. hello kuya james,inspired talaga ako sayo πŸ™‚ ingat po sa mga byahe πŸ™‚ your bucket list is very inspiring πŸ™‚ GODbless to your trips πŸ™‚

  31. yes! travel to holy land. i have a proposed idea for that trip, james.
    i also dream of climbing more mountains in the phils. 50 before 50!

  32. JourneyingJames, my bucket list would be to do what you’ve done – travel around the Philippines in 100 days with a budget. I’m sure your views have changed. And I’m sure this experience has changed you, in a way. Kakainggit. I hope I could do this one day. =)

  33. I’ll be in Palawan this January. Your blog have been very helpful as it provided first hand information in a convenient way. I love you Bucket List. I wish I had the time freedom to pursue mine. I intend to do what you did, travel the country in 100 days. Thanks for being quite an inspiration.

  34. That’s what I’m talking about, staying true to the meaning and essence of “crossing something off your bucket list”. Awesome bucket list James, very inspiring! Mine is not even half of yours… Good Luck! πŸ™‚

  35. Just love reading bucket lists, yours is really interesting and inspiring while mine is still in my head, i must write it down one of these days :))

  36. We have similar bucket list… I can help you on some, like skydiving and paragliding, the hot air ballon is still on my list.. My crazy friend is now in Australia… I personally think this bucket list would be easier to accomplish if I do this with someone who has a similar list.

    Do you have any crazy plans for summer? We are planning to go skydiving in Davao very soon..

    Email me dudedavao@yahoo.com


  37. I liked reading through your bucket list (and it’s updated status! he he!)

    I am currently trying to live my bucket list (before my death which is coming closer sooner than I like… ) – here it is…. http://expattraveller.blogspot.com/

    Even if I do die as doctors have predicted, I will be happy tat I achieved some of my desires.

    “….and I have miles to go before I die…”

  38. Wow! I love this one – “Kiss someone, a total stranger in Paris, with the Eiffel tower in view.”

    Are you from Laguna? You are becoming my idol! Hope I can be like you.. :)))

  39. Okay, now I’m inspired to make my own bucketlist and excited to fulfill them as well. Love love love your blog!! πŸ™‚

  40. Whoa.. I’m so inspired. I also like climbing. and I already have 2 mountains. hehe.. i also like traveling but im still young. but i am preparing for it! πŸ™‚ we almost have the same bucket list. ^^

  41. Hi. I’m currently archiving the interview of yours for Batangas TV Patrol and I’m amazed you were able to travel across the Philippines for 100 days for only P49, 641!!! Wow! Am really amazed!

  42. crash out swim with the dolphins!!! it happened yesterday! congratulations!wish i could do it too.someday soon! God bless James! what you do makes our country more beautiful than it already is!

  43. hi. what a nice blog. I’m totally inspired with your bucket list. I don’t have much in my list but biking from ilocos to bicol like your is one of them. hope we could do it… keep it up.

  44. Wow, you’ve tried swimming with the sharks?! That’s awesome. Wanna add that to my bucketlist too! And I sure hope you get to have your own tv travel show soon! πŸ™‚

  45. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us at the 14th Nat Con of the ATOP in Legaspi. You truly are a cut above the rest! Collaboration IS the operative word! Tourissm with HEART is genius! Congratulations and looking forward to reading your book soon!

  46. i was googling for more travel tips and stumble upon your blog. And I’m so glad I found it. =)
    You have a fun adventurous life and it’s so exciting to read about it. We have a few of similar bucket list, such as watching the world cup and publish a book. =)
    Anyway two days from now I will fly for having the adventure in Europe. One month, me and my backpack. wish me luck! =D

  47. rode choppers several times, also C130 and islander, and also jump-out from it (and shout airborne!). been to tubattaha, visit the marine rangers there, swam its clear water and make some little shark friends and sea turtles, took pics of white and brown boogies. been to brunei, singapore (christmas2012) and thailand. trek pico de loro and mt arayat (alone), and mt sto tomas (in baguio and camp there, very cold!). always dancing in the rain whenever i can. i want to finish a marathon (ran several half-maries already), ultra-marathon (50KM is enough), and triathlon.

  48. Wow! Your bucket list is overflowing! Hope you’ll achieve all that.From your list, the only thing that I’m done and you havent was the Holy Land. It’s really worth a visit. I also want that hot air balloon, probably in Turkey while in Capadoccia and that kissing thing in Paris! πŸ™‚
    You can also include Petra in your list. Promise! It’s stunning!

  49. wow ! i also want to do it hehe . but i dont have so much time . so busy working and studying . but i still manage to visit some places atleast once in a year. this is my first time to see ur website. and its really awesome πŸ˜€ keep it up πŸ˜€ sayp n ko kkuha ng idea for my next trip or vacation . thank you and more powers πŸ˜€

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  51. How do you scratch out your bucket list? I’ve been reading your blog for sometime now. Thank you.

    Do drop by in Pintuyan, Panaon Island when you are in the area.

    Cheers. Golda

  52. Cool list! I have my own list too and slowly ticking them off. Found your blog as I’m looking for a budget friendly solobackpacking ideas for this weekend. I want to be lost somewhere again like what I did in Macau(First solo backpack, first out of the country). Any suggestions?

  53. James I think Northern Lights is different from The Midnight Sun right? The former in Alaska and the latter in Norway/Sweden? You can add the latter too to your bucket list πŸ™‚
    Congrats by the way you made it to Tawi-tawi πŸ™‚

  54. Hi James!

    You really are an inspiration to me! Keep it up! I hope you’ll be able to complete your bucket list! So as mine πŸ™‚

  55. You have a good list here. Hope you can share more of your travels. I’ve been reading up on some of your travels and am inspired to do so more often.

    Thanks for sharing.

  56. Hi James! I’am a newbie in travelling, and this will be the very first time ever to post a comment to any websites i’ve been to. I’ve been recently reading your travel blog, and i’m really enjoying it, I can get real tips and ideas what to do on my next travel if ever, and this bucket list is a great list for me, i have one thing to ask, can i get some of the ideas from your bucket list?
    I will soon try to be more detailed when i go on my travels so i can also share my experiences, its really nice i have found your blog.
    Thanks for this awesome and wonderful blog, keep it up and more power to you!

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