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Filipino Travel Bloggers

A – J

Always Wandering by Katie >> They say we wander for distraction, but travel for fulfillment. I say yes, to both.

AdventurousFeet by Carl Antoinette >>  is a budget traveller, she just started blogging to share events and informative travel tips for a cheap cost.

Ambot-ah!by Marcos >> a blog about Marc’s life as a travel blogger, nurse, and freelance photographer.

Batiriday by Julai >> confessions of a yellow freak probinsyana

Byaheng Barok by Gladys >> chronicles of cheap traveling in the Philippines, in Asia and beyond…

Braggies by Enhenyero >> a Filipino engineer based on Singapore writing his adventures.

Che on the Road by Che >> out to explore and discover.

Dream Euro Trip by DJ >> Planning your EuroTrip? Read DJ’s Euro Trip Bible

Eskapo by Dong Ho >>

Eazy Traveler by Edgar Alan >>has penchant for chronicling travel, history and culture with analog and digital photography. He writes for Roam and Smile magazines too.

FlipNomad by Flip >> if you are into budget traveling, Flip is your guy!

Flip ‘n Travels by Ron & Monette >> Here’s the telling of two Pinoy travelers’ adventures and misadventures on the road.  Oh, their stories are uncensored too!

Frameless World by Bino >> A photo and travel blog about the Philippines and Asia

Gala Pinoy Redux by Cedric >>  Travel the Philippines with Cedric A. Solidon’s Travel and Photography Blog

Habagat Central by Bernie >> Don’t just see the world, be part of it!

Happy Philippines by Gael >> Travel, culture and lifestyle in the Philippines

I Love Going Places by Ian >> a travel blog with the goal of sharing the best travel experiences in each destination it features in a travel magazine-style.

Inside Southeast Asia by Gael >>

Ironwulf: En Route by Ferdz >> a travel blog accounting his adventures travels, travel and lifestyle photography. It’s all about the journey and experience.

Ivan About Town by Ivan >> he has already visited the 79 provinces of the Philippines, travels with a purpose- preserve our heritage.

I Wander by AC >> handy travel tips, unusual destinations and more

Just Wandering by Nina >> a project born out of love: love for travel, love for writing. She is the winner of Best Travel Blog Award at the Philippine Travel Blog award.

K – N

Kakay Adventures by Kakay >> being a full-pledged nomad.

La Familia Viajera by Pepe Alas and family >> First Filipino Family Travel Blog in the Philippines

Lakas ng Trip by Josiah >> the diary of a detailed traveler.

Lakwatsera de Primera by Claire >> aims to inspire her readers to start exploring new places and start having their own adventures through pictures, memorable stories and budget-travel tips.

Lakwatsero by Angel >> A documentation in stills and narratives of Lakwatsero’s continuous chase of sunsets, waterfalls, pristine beaches, unspoiled dive spots and other adventures.

Lakwatsero Travel Blog by Jojo >> The story of a wayward couch potato turned traveller overnight. A testament to not just dreaming of going somewhere but actually going for it.

Langyaw by Estan >> Off-the-beaten-path travels of a photographer and multi-awarded blogger.

Lawstude’s Journeys by Oman >> a backpack traveler with law book on one hand and a camera on the other.

Living in a Backpack by RV >> travel Asia (and the world) on a shoestring budget.

Loveholidays  >> Sometimes you just need to get away from it all, and weekend breaks are a fantastic option for anyone looking to escape the humdrum of daily life and soak up some culture and sun.

Manila and Beyond by Patricia >> conquering Manila and beyond one step at a time.

Miranda by Luna>> See the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wildflower.

My Planet Philippines by Jakeson >> This is the place I live in. This is my planet. This is my Philippines. Blogging about the country and why it is called the Pearl of the Orient Seas.

No Spam, No Virus, No Kiddin’! by Chyng >> Do-It-Yourself Trip, Comfort Food Hunt, Feel Good Blogging only.

Nomadic Experiences by Marky >> Inspired by Kerouac’s “On the Road” this nomad wannabe trapped in the corporate world (currently plotting his permanent escape) shares his experience through this collection of narratives and images of being on the road.

O – Z

Pack Up and Drift by Grace >>She says, “There’s more to life than climbing a corporate ladder.”

Pandelicious by Gaile >> exploits of a sarcastic, wanna-be backpacker, mafioso type average girl

Pinay Travel Junkie by Gaye >> reportage revolving around a Filipina backpacker mom’s random ramblings, spontaneous off-the-beaten path explorations, bizarre eats, occasional voluntourism, life changing reflections, and unconventional baby raising whilst habitually on the road!

Pinoy Adventurista by Mervs >> Pinoy + Travel + Turista

Pinoy Boy Journals by Jerik >> there is nothing in this world he would do more than to travel the world.

Pinoy Rider >> Touring the Philippines in a Motorbike

Pondering Paodaolei by Paula O >> Traveling is food for the itchy feet

Roaming Couple by Gerard and Leny >> Roaming the Philippines, one step at a time.

Scher Goes Places by Scher P >> An accidental traveler found bliss in going places.

Seeking Felicity by Catherine >> memoirs of journeys made while seeking bliss

Selfless Travels by Ephraim >>  to spark the passion for traveling within the hearts of my beloved readers and to inspire other Filipinos to give traveling a try.

Senyorita by Mica >> travel blog of Micamyx

Solitary Wanderer by Aleah >> Freelance writer dreaming of travelling the world solo.

Soloflighted by Edcel >> a travel blog from Cebu and beyond.

Sugarcane Nomads by Diana & Rica >> Traveling nomads from Bacolod City, Philippines: toilet seats, the best beer hunt, Bangkok scams, European Saturdays and more shenanigans

Suroy Pilipinas by Earl B >> a personal travel blog about Earl’s destinations and travel experiences around the Philippines.

The Filipino Traveler by Gail >> Pinoy travel blog highlighting the author’s travels and showcasing nature, wildlife, culture, and the people of places she visits.

The Lone Rider by Gigit >> a nomad in search of…

The Pinay Solo Backpacker by Gael >> She has no home, just pure adventure of the world and culture.

The Transcendental Tourist by AJ >> Reflections on the road of an introspective traveller.

The Travelling Feet by Doi >> I have these pair of itching travelling feet which can’t wait to go out and hop on the next jeepney, taxi, bus, train, boat or plane just to go to new places as well as old familiar ones.

Throw Caution to the Wind by Ella >> Ramblings of a travel rookie

Travel Fillers by James >> There’s no uncertainty only adventure.

Tripadora by Izah >> Explore the unexplored. Travel. Live life to the fullest– the adventures and misadventures of Tripadora in the 7,107 islands and the rest of the world.

Wanderlass by Lilliane >> lass who wanders. She began blogging to update family and friends while pseudo-backpacking Europe in 2007. Now it continues to serve as backup memory of her frequent wanderings.

We Are Sole Sisters by ChiChi and Lois >> Join the Sole Sisters in their adventures. Walk barefoot with us and let’s wrap our arms around the world one trip at a time!

Other Pinoy Link

Byaheng Pinoy by Wencel >> Ugaling Pinoy, usapang Pinoy, kaing Pinoy, buhay Pinoy, basta Pinoy

Cebu Roadtrip by Doi & Ed >> A handy guide to travels, food trips, adventures and latest events in Cebu and it’s nearby places.

Experience Negrosby Glady >> aimed at showcasing the different destinations in Negros Occidental as well as give updates on the latest news and developments in the province.

Iloilo I Love by Mark >> Opening Doors to Exciting Western Visayas.

Our Awesome Planet by Anton >> Slice of Manila’s hidden places. Food and travel secrets through word-of-mouth shared through awesome family adventures.

Pinas Backpackers by Arzeriel >> Your travel guide in the Philippines

Ph – Commute >> Commuting in the Philippines 101, especially in Manila and the surrounding provinces

Project 7,107 by Ruth >> Your friendly Pinoy guide to exploring the Philippines’s 7107 breathtaking islands

The 4AM Chronicles by Karlo >> We love taking photographs when we travel. See the world with a travel photographer’s perspective. Travel, Learn and Shoot!

Visit Sagada by Benj >> The handy Do-It-Yourself guide for Sagada, Mountain Province and other nearby towns in the Cordilleras.

Foreign Travelers

A Crafty Traveler by Amanda >> Traveling and learning new things daily.

Backpack Forever by Matt and Tran >> Rewrite the Guidebook.

Breakaway Backpacker by Jaime >> He is going to breakaway from everything and backpack the world soon.

Chicky Bus by Lisa >> travel addict whose favorite way to get into the moment is…to travel off the beaten path.

Coco in Korea by Chanel >> Teaching and Living in South Korea

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler by Alexandra >> Crazy girl who made traveling the reason of her life

Sleeping on Buses by Kimberley >> The story of how a broke 23 year old traveled the world

Turtle Backpacker by Kit >> Here and there with my home at my back

Useful Links

How to Start Your Own Backpacking Trip

10 Travel Secrets of JourneyingJames

10 Travel Essentials

8 Travel Tips for Backpackers


Travel Blogs that Inspire JourneyingJames

Travel Junkie by Julia Dimon

Modern Gonzo by Robin Esrock

Other Links

On a ShoeString by James >> my running stories

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    • vietnam? hmmmm…. i bought TNF bags there and stayed in a disco bar when we arrived because we dont want to book a hostel, to save money.
      we took the train from saigon to hanoi and met real cool viets on the sleeper train. cge, i’ll try to remember

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  3. I love to travel and enjoyed reading your site James. BUt, I have noticed here in the Philippines that they have age limit for traveling in group, why is that? I’m only 54 years old retired US Army and considered myself physically fit…anyway, do you know some travelers in groups within my age? I’m done traveling alone so I figured traveling with groups is more fun, at least I would like to try…

    Thanks again in your site of full of wisdom for travelers…


    • im not aware that there are age limitations in group travel sir. i guess you are stronger than most young travelers out there as you have a great physical training while in the US army.
      im also not aware of traveling groups bec i always travel solo and sometimes my friends just tag along.
      thanks for the feedback sir remy

  4. Hi James, pa-link naman =(

    I am following your blog since 2012. I spent two weekend days to read almost all the interesting posts. Grabe. AmazingJames dapat title ng blog mo eh. Haha…

    Anyways, just established my food and travel blog way back Nov 2012 because of some people who inspired me to do so–like you.

    here’s my link: What Michael Likes

    You rock, dude!

  5. Hey Bai,
    I love the site – you have had some epic adventures.. Wondering if you would like to do a link exchange? There is no mail address on your Contact page I thought I woul dleave a comment.. tropicalnomad dot com send me a message 🙂

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