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If you have a question or you want to suggest a backpacking topic that you want me to discuss, feel free to contact me. I might be able to answer your question with a blog post. Check my answer to a friend when he asked, “How can I start my own backpacking trip?

You can also ask for help with your itinerary or you can review my best kept secret on “How to spend less and travel more.

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    27 thoughts on “Contact Me

    1. Hi,

      My friends and I are planning to go to Los Baños for 2 nights and 3 days from Sept 3 to 5.

      May I know what your thoughts are in terms of maximimizing our stay and enjoying our vacation there?

      Our group is composed of 4 people, 2 couples.
      We are open to adventure and out of the owrld experiences but admittedly, we are not very physically fit so serious hiking would be difficult for us.

      Youre reply will be appreaciated.

      Jing Trinidad

    2. Hi,

      Really great Post! I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog because of the great style and energy. I have a blog on travel theme. If you’re interested, we would love to have you on as a guest blogger. Please send me an e-mail and I can give you more information. Looking forward to hearing from you.


    3. Hi there,

      How can I book for this? Please email me at:
      Many thanks. Am coming with 2 Korean students, so please be detailed with the places we are to see.
      Waiting for your reply.

    4. …..hope to join your backpack adventure. I also started my trip since January 12. Kicked off in Boracay and Panay Island…

    5. Hi! I would just like to know what is the best hot Spring/ Pansol where we could also stay overnight? there would be 6-8 of us and we’re hoping to stay for overnight. What is the resort with the best service but convenient? Thank you!

      I hope you could email me!

    6. I’ve always wanted to tour UPLB…I have this flair for exploring UP campuses (out of frustration since I’ve always wanted to study in UP!)…Maybe this year when i get to go back in Manila i’ll drop by laguna too. Is the free tour offer still on? hehe. I hope so. I’ve been to Laguna, tried one of the hotsprings and ate the buko pie too. But the rest of your lists seems interesting. Why not coconut!!!

    7. I am staying near the Hacienda Tres Rios in Riviera Mayan in a couple weeks. Being a traveler who likes to explore the natural area and be off the beaten path I have been looking for more information on the Tre Rios Eco Park. I’m guessing that they are new and/or changing so that their own website doesn’t even give info.So, do you know?Is it completely separate from the resort? Is there an admission fee?

    8. hey i just want to ask if how much will be the rent on your place? my friend will be having her debut and we were looking for a resort where she can celebrate her birthday. just pm me here’s me email account

    9. Hi James,

      I just came back from survival camping on deserted island near El Nido and created a blog. Read yours before the trip and I wonder if we could post our blog’s addresses on our websites?

      It is my first blog so it is not really something but I think my story is quite interesting. I would like to share it with people.

      If you would find some time just take a look here:

      Any suggestions are welcome.


    10. me and my office work are planing to go puerto underground river and elnido of sept 14,15,16,17 is the last day can you help us …with itirinary and to compres our days to go that place even with out land travel tour…thanks

    11. Hey man just wanted to ask if i can join you on another of your trips! i just graduated college and want to do something positive. i really would like to join any organizations that travel around the Philippines helping people and animals as well as the environment. anything of the beaten track man! i hope u reply brother. im so eager for this its something ive always wanted to do. thanks man! 🙂

    12. Astig! i also enjoy travelling. been to several tourist spots in the philippines and asia. hopefully i can also start a travel blog like yours.

    13. Hi James,

      Me aND my friends are planning to visit 100 islands just for 2 days and 1 night,.or probably 3 days and 2 nights( we haven’t come up with a fix date yet). but we’re certain that it would be during weekends as that’s the only common avail time we have. I dont know the head count as of now but more likely, we will not be more than 10 people. Can you help me organize this trip for us? I need to come up with the best plan to maximize our time there (coz its just sat-sunday). Any suggestions to have a great experience there with less expenses would be much appreciated..

      Things I wanted to know:
      1. Where’s the bus station going there? we’re coming from Makati.
      2. What are the great things to do there? As we know that it would cost us for every kind of activity while there, pls kindly include the prices.
      3. Where can we stay? has to be cheap, secure and safe. We’re a group of males and fems, so privacy is important.. Though i think they will prefer to be in 1 house or apartment.
      4. What are the things that we need to remember? and what are the things we need to consider?

      Your suggestions and advises would really be a major contribution to the success of this trip. Looking forward for your response James. Thanks!

      ps. I’m not into the world of blogs, but I really find you and your blog A-MA-ZING!!

    14. Hi James, I’ll be flying to Puerto Princesa from Sept 4 to 14, 2012. Just want to ask kung saan ako pwedeng mag stay na malapit or as possible around sa Lacao Street?

      Thanks and God Bless…


    15. Hi James,

      I’ll be flying to Palawan on Sept 4 and probably would stay until Sept 14. Just want to ask kung saan ako pwede mag stay na malapit or possible around Lacao Street?



    16. Hi James, I thank GOD for allowing me to read your sooo wonderful articles which only reminded me how beautiful back there in the Philippines in spite and despite television news that sometimes make me ponder what comes next in the daily headlines…I just discerned that I needed to leave Arabian desert for a while and explore the majestic islands you’ve been through. Just asking if you have some inputs how to reach Batanes from Tuguegarao City? Feel free to send me e-mail at…Thanks a lot….


    18. Hi! Much to see in so little time. My family and I (toddlers and grandmothers including) are visiting Puerto Princesa for 3 nights and 3 days. Because there could at least be 7 – 10 of us, I am torn between booking tours to visit the Underground River, Honda Bay, a quick city tour and another beach during this period through a travel agency or whether to do aka piece by piece arrangements. The travel agency packages seems a bit expensive and costs add up given the number of us coming. Will it be fairly easy to book these tours piece by piece? How much does it cost to rent van/driver daily, boat for the HOnda Bay hopping, and Underground arrangements, etc? The other challenged we are faced with is that the lolas are not sure if they are necessarily coming to all of these tours. Nakakaaliw talaga pag-magtravel kasama ang mga lolas.
      Your suggestions and recommendations will be highly appreciated.

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