All About Hammock Republic Duoyan

ShareTweet I have been wanting to blog about my own product since 2 years ago but I can’t find the right words to describe it. So much ideas but less and less time to really sit down and write about it. Anyway, this is not only about Hammock Republic but also my own research about the culture and history of hammocks. The Hammock History First Users Hammocks (or duyans) have been present thousands of years ago. The first users of “hamaca” (Spanish for hammocks) where the Inca tribes  of South America for sleeping. Then sailors started using it because it […]

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Lake Sebu Travel Guide

ShareTweet One of the best things during our 3-week adventure was our visit to Lake Sebu. This charming town is named after the famous Lake Sebu where the T’boli tribes congregate and chose as dwelling place. As such, their lives revolve around the lake. We want this Travel Guide a straight-forward one: How to get to Lake Sebu: Lake Sebu is part of South Cotabato, the nearest airport is in General Santos. From the airport, go to Bulaong Bus Terminal. There is already an AC van that goes directly to Lake Sebu. Fare is Php150/person. At Lake Sebu terminal, there […]

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Roxas City, Capiz Travel Guide

ShareTweet Just came back from our 3 week travel around Visayas and Mindanao. One of the places we visited was Roxas City coming from Iloilo because I want to show the girlfriend “The Seafood Capital of the Philippines” Here’s our simple travel tips and recommendations on Where to Eat, Where to Sleep and What to do in Roxas City: Where to Eat in Roxas City? Breakfast: Usually hotels offer breakfast but if you want to try local, go to the public market and look for ibos (suman in Tagalog). This is a sticky rice cooked in coconut milk dunk in […]

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