ShareTweet I believe this would raise some eyebrows but I’m writing this anyway. If you are guilty at one point, please forgive me, I meant it- believe me, its for your own good. Background: I have been receiving emails, PMs, comments, DMs, SMS, calls asking me itineraries, tips, and more travel-related stuff as if I’m all-knowing. Example: Hello James! I’m reading your blog and…. I’m going to Palawan for 3days, can you suggest an itinerary? It is possible to go to El Nido? I arrive at this time, and be back to Manila at this time. Please, please, help. (AD: […]

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How to Fund Your Wanderlust?

ShareTweet HOW TO FUND YOUR WANDERLUST? There is no such thing a FREE travel, if there is, please let me know okay? But there is this thing called saving up for your next escapade. This month, the Pinoy Travel Blogger is offering every traveler out there some of our best kept secret- “How we fund our wanderlust.” So you think we are rich because our Facebook photos are full of travel photos here and there. To tell you honestly, most of us are not born with a silver spoon. We work hard to continue this lifestyle of traveling. This is […]

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Go Girls Travel Tips from Nina and Paula

ShareTweet Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries via mail and Twitter from women regarding solo travel. Seems like a lot has been considering backpacking, this is what I like. I’ve noticed too that I have more girl readers compared to boys and so as to accommodate my dear readers, I will be having a GO GIRLS TRAVEL TIPS SERIES every Sunday until year 2011 ends. So without further ado, let’s kick-off the series Nina Fuentes of Just Wandering: On safety: If you can survive living in Manila, you can surely survive traveling around the world. On traveling solo: Think of […]

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