10 Travel Tips When Exploring Angkor Wat Complex

ShareTweet I previously said this on my Instagram account (@journeyingjames) and thought of republishing it here for those who doesn’t have IG. This blog is part of my #100DaysSEA journey where I travelled around Southeast Asia for 100 days spending as little as possible. I still recount the journey and you can review the day-to-day snippets by checking out my Instagram. 🙂 Here’s my 10 Travel Tips When Exploring Angkor Wat Complex 1. Do wear comfortable clothes. I see lots of European backpackers carry 40-60L of backpack because it is filled with clothes they can’t even wear on a hot […]

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My Top 10 Fave Things to do in Chiang Mai, Thailand

ShareTweet I just started this 3-month Southeast Asian journey and now on my 2nd week. Like many travelers I met say, “travelers gets stuck in Chiang Mai.” And I have to agree, I want to live here already. So much things to do and cafĂ©s to see and travelers to meet. The list  here are the things I always do or should I say, the fun things I do… plus you don’t need much money to do each. I’ll give you the prices too. Let’s start my top 10 things to do in Chiang Mai: 1. Drop the map, bike […]

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Nagtabon Beach at Puerto Princesa City

ShareTweet It is hard for me to write about this beach because of the many memories it brings to mind. I also find it hard because I don’t want to be sharing this beach to others. I wanted to keep this a secret but the past months I saw an influx of tourists coming in and even full moon parties being organized here.   I’m writing about this so as to remind the visitors to take extra love and concern to this beach because this has really been close to my heart. Nagtabon beach is about 45 minutes away from […]

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