STRANGE[R] ENCOUNTER: Kaalim Family of Samal Island, Davao

ShareTweet Yato Island and Rio Hondo encounters were a hit and I saw that people love to read my unexpected meetings with strangers. Now let me continue the feature with another story from Mindanao more particularly in Samal Island, that little isle east of Davao City.  My tweet the night I arrived at the Kaalim compound was, “I’m staying in a Muslim family here in Samal island. I feel like part of the family already. Asalam alaikum!” Strangers who became my friends: Kuya Lek, Ate Frances, Mother Fely, Deejay, Abdul, Rashid, Nurj Place of meeting: Brgy. Tambo, Babak District, Samal […]

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STRANGE[R] ENCOUNTER: Gammar Hassan at Rio Hondo, Zamboanga City

ShareTweet They say that “people make the place;” and now I understand that we are living in a “lonely planet.” Its a lonely planet if you take away the encounters with locals along the way. This STRANGE[R] ENCOUNTER project is the “heart and soul” of all my journeys and I gladly share this to all my readers. Strangers who became my friends: Gammar “Kuya Gams” Hassan Meeting Place: Rio Hondo, Zamboanga City Dates: July 2008 and March 2011     July 2008 It was my first time ever in Mindanao (2008) and was foolish enough to believe the negative stigma […]

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STRANGE[R] ENCOUNTER: Joven and John Robert at Yato Island

ShareTweet Because I have a new theme, thanks to my friend, Andro, I will be having a new feature too here in my blog called STRANGE[R] ENCOUNTERS. It is as simple as this: I met these individuals as strangers (locals who do their own thing) then we bid “good-bye” as friends. Happy that they became part of my journey. So let’s start with these two brothers:     Strangers who became my friends: Joven and John Robert Meeting: Yato Island, Guimaras Date: July 2010     I was doing my Western Visayas Php250 Challenge when I found myself exploring Yato Island coming from […]

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