Slow Down- A Reflection

ShareTweet “Slow down everyone you’re moving too fast.” -Jack Johnson The past months have been a fast roller coaster ride. Tiring is not enough a description of how my travel and life in general went through. Complaining? Nope, certainly not. But there is something that tells me to STOP. Yep, ALL CAPS- “JOURNEYINGJAMES PLEASE STOP or just SLOW DOWN.” In this fast-paced world where almost everyone wants to get this or that as quick as the twinkling of the eyes, its hard to SLOW DOWN much harder to STOP. It’s hard especially for travelers to stop because “travel” goes along […]

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Holiday Message from JourneyingJames

ShareTweet Hi there! This season is not about the gifts we give or receive. Its not even about your family or you. This season is about God giving us the best gift- His Son, His love. I don’t want to sound preachy here but lest we forget, this is a time of celebration, of life, of giving thanks. Three days ago, I celebrated by birthday (‘supposedly’ end of the world). Nothing fancy, I didn’t have a party, I even ate lugaw for dinner. No frills. But before the day ended, I looked back on what happened the past year and […]

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On the Road, Off-Loaded, Change Course

ShareTweet “All great changes are preceded by chaos.” –Deepak Chopra Back on the Road The cold morning breezed through the half-opened bus window, the white headphones in my left and right ears were blasting songs from Marley, Johnson and Mraz. It felt good but it was soooooo strange because after 15 days of just taking it slow in Cantilan, I’m back on the road. The bus was moving fast and the rurality of the town brought me thoughts of why the heck I’m traveling. With every turn of the bus, my thoughts got deeper, questions and random questions were running […]

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