Cebu City Travel Guide Collab

ShareTweet Been receiving lots of queries regarding Cebu City so instead of answering them again and again, I partnered with my good friend Kim who blogs at Indie Escape to make a simple travel guide for the oldest city in the country- Cebu City. We hope that this Cebu City Travel Guide will be of help to first-time travelers out there. 1. Describe the Cebu City. Kim says: Cebu City is a crossroad where modern and provincial life meet. Travelers see it as the gateway to the Visayas because it’s strategically located in the center of the Philippine archipelago. You can just […]

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Capiz Travel Guide Collab

ShareTweet Capiz Province is next! It’s on my list of “every traveler’s must-visit soon.” If you are into food and eating and pigging out then you are missing a lot if you haven’t experienced Capiz. But more than “The Seafoods Capital of the Philippines” (Roxas City, Capital of Capiz), this province in the Western Visayas offers wide range of activities for families, barkadas and solo traveler alike. I partnered with Claire of I Am Traveling Light to give you a heads up of what Capiz can offer. Here’s what we think can whet your appetite for Capiz. 1. Describe Capiz. […]

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Exploring Lahab Cave in Dumalag, Capiz

ShareTweet Exploring Lahab Cave in Dumalag, Capiz I’m always in the lookout for places that are off the tourist-radar. As I said, Capiz in the Visayas is one Province you should not miss visiting this 2013. Why? Because Capiz is so underrated. People always think of seafood when you mention Capiz or Roxas City. But the province is more than that. I visited Capiz twice last year and found some potential tourists draw. One of them Lahab Cave. Lahab Cave is located in Dumalag. Dumalag is a town about 45 minutes south of Roxas City. I’m not really into caves as […]

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