Mindanao Challenge: 10 Lessons While on the Road

ShareTweet My 16-day adventure in Mindanao was a time for me to learn the do’s and don’ts of backpacking. I have learned a lot and I wanna share with you ten important lessons I picked up while on the road. . 1. Travel Lighter. I have to lessen my backpack’s load. My bag weighs exactly 7 kilograms and I don’t have a check-in baggage. For some it’s already light but after walking more than 200 meters it’s already tiring. Next time I will do my best to make it 5 kilos or even 4kg. 2. Video! I think it would […]

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Wrap Up of Mindanao 400 Challenge

ShareTweet Summary. Retrospect. Review. Conclusion. Rundown. Synopsis.Whatever you want to call it. The most comprehensive blog I can think of after that Epic 16-day Mindanao Challenge.   Before anything else, do read the initial plan, a month before my big trip: Mindanao Php400/day Backpacking Challenge   The Cheapo Barbecue: Php2.00/stick at Butuan City Crossing. Accommodation: Php 30, found in Cateel, Davao Oriental. I didn’t booked here because I was staying in a friend’s house. Beverage: Php25 for a half-gallon of Tuba at Samal Island. Squids: Php30 for 600grams of fresh squids at Gumasa, Glan, Saranggani Coffee: Php4.00/cup at Mati City. […]

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Mindanao Challenge Day 16: Rediscovering the Historic Butuan City

ShareTweet Note: I didn’t look for a place to sleep last night as I arrived in the city past 9:00pm. What I did was to look for an internet shop and try to stay there until closing time (1:00am). Then I ordered something from Dunkin Donuts (they are open 24hours) and stayed there until 4:00am. Then I went inside the Catholic Church and try to sleep inside until about 6:30am. After breakfast and checking e-mails I started my DIY Butuan City Tour. I headed to the Provincial Tourism office and met Ms. Leah Medado of Creative Niche who was helpful […]

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