Accommodations in Dahican Beach, Mati City

ShareTweet I spent almost a year living among the Amihan Boys in Dahican Beach in 2013. Friends always ask me about accommodation, tent and hammock options around the area so I thought of blogging about this for the information of everyone. Here’s Accommodations in Dahican Beach, Mati City complete with contact numbers, email addresses and rates. You can also check “How to get to Dahican Beach” at the end of the article. 1. Amihan sa Dahican (Tent) Home of the Amihan Boys, those skimboarders who fly on waves you always see on photos, this area of the beach is the […]

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ISANG DAAN Journey- Of Hammocks, Homestays and Hotels

ShareTweet Updated as of May 16, 2012 (7:00pm) The following is a list of the places where I slept during my ISANG DAAN Journey. If you want to see the photos of the bed, you can check the Facebook link (just click the link)- “OF HAMMOCKS, HOMESTAYS & HOTELS” This will be updated until I finish my 100 Days of Backpacking the Philippines, therefore it would be a great resource if you are traveling around the Philippines as most of the Philippine destinations will be covered. DAYS 1-10 1. Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain, Antipolo, Rizal. Dorm room (Php100/night) 2. Same […]

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Boracay Cheap Accommodations and Rates

ShareTweet Cheap Accommodations / Hostels / Guesthouse / Inns in Boracay Island A week ago I was asked if I know of cheap accommodations in Boracay. So I think this collection of the cheapest hostels that I saw on my last visit in Boracay can help backpackers who are planning to go to Boracay island. Here’s my answer to her: Php200 below budget (the cheapest in Boracay) Boracay Tree House (Station 3, Angol, Manoc-Manoc) Don’t expect too much here, a simple dorm room, 2 double-deck beds. Common CR. Contact Infos: Mobile & Landline: 0918-661-9640 / 0916-341-4031 / (036)288-3601 Email add: […]

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