Backpacker of the Month: Gael Hilotin

ShareTweet Last month’s backpacker was a sure hit! Now let’s hear from another lady backpacker: Gael Hilotin. Go Girl Power! Name: GAEL HILOTIN aka “thepinaysolobackpacker” Country of Origin: Philippines Describe backpacking in three words: [A] Post-Modern Culture Years of experience into backpacking? 2 yrs+ and counting How did you start traveling/backpacking? It’s a sad story. 5 yrs after my friend passed away, I visited her and her family. Her tomb lies

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Backpacker of the Month: Kareen Oloroso

ShareTweet This should have been posted last August 28 but because of some adjustments on the blog, it came late. But just the same, I want to present to you our 1st “Backpacker of the Month” Kareen Oloroso, aka “Kakay“. Every last Saturday of the Month we will feature a backpacker. This is to balance my blog posts (hindi puro na lang ako, ako at ako 🙂 ) because I want us to learn what backpacking is from others as well. Here’s my simple interview with her. Without further adieu (drum roll please…. tadadaaaaahhhh….) Name: Kareen “Kakay” Oloroso Country of Origin: […]

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