First Taste of India Travel: Delhi to Rishikesh

ShareTweet I came unprepared and with almost zero knowledge about India except for a little of history I read on the beginning pages of pink-turban-covered-Lonely-Planet-India-travel-guide while on a trip up north to Rishikesh from Delhi. Instead of taking the train to Haridwar, we chose to take the Tata  private taxi because its the most convenient mode of transportation. We left Delhi around 11am and we stopped on an Indian restaurant for my first taste of Thali (Shahu Paneer, Dal, Rice, Salad and Chapati) and Masala Dosa. Chai was a good choice, warmed me for a couple of ours. Rocky and […]

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Boat Ride in the Ganges River, Varanasi

ShareTweet “The Ganga to me is the symbol of India’s memorable past which has been flowing into the present and continues to flow towards the ocean of the future.” – Jawaharlal Nehru, First Prime Minister of India “Mama Ganga!” almost all Indians call the River Ganges this. Mama Ganga is like a mother to each Indian- they come to the riverbanks with cupped hands pouring the water over their heads before finally going all the way to bathe this holy river in hopes of cleansing their sin. Varanasi or Benares is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The […]

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Namaste from India!

ShareTweet Namaste! It’s been 4 days since I arrived here in India. Didn’t think that I would visit a another country by the start of the new year and much more India. The past years my mind was focused on the Southeast Asia. But things changed and my heart brought me to India. Friends and fellow bloggers have always encouraged me to visit this country but I guess I’m too focused on achieving my goal of visiting all Southeast Asian countries hampered my visit here. But finally, I came here- winter. My very first winter and I wasn’t prepared. All […]

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