10 Travel Tips When Exploring Angkor Wat Complex

ShareTweet I previously said this on my Instagram account (@journeyingjames) and thought of republishing it here for those who doesn’t have IG. This blog is part of my #100DaysSEA journey where I travelled around Southeast Asia for 100 days spending as little as possible. I still recount the journey and you can review the day-to-day snippets by checking out my Instagram. 🙂 Here’s my 10 Travel Tips When Exploring Angkor Wat Complex 1. Do wear comfortable clothes. I see lots of European backpackers carry 40-60L of backpack because it is filled with clothes they can’t even wear on a hot […]

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Epic Pai: Games, Guitar and Ganja (1 of 3)

ShareTweet Epic Pai: Games, Guitar and Ganja (1 of 3) Instead of creating a Pai travel guide, I would go oldskul travel blogging and share you my experience, a story… an epic one about Pai. Note the word before Pai (and to think this is just the first of the three-part series). The Chiang Mai guesthouse owner who became my friend kept on telling me to go to Pai. He said, “Go to Pai, party, you’ll enjoy it there. Maybe 1 week, good for you.” Maybe he just wanted me out of his guesthouse. haha I was enjoying the Old City and the […]

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My Top 10 Fave Things to do in Chiang Mai, Thailand

ShareTweet I just started this 3-month Southeast Asian journey and now on my 2nd week. Like many travelers I met say, “travelers gets stuck in Chiang Mai.” And I have to agree, I want to live here already. So much things to do and cafĂ©s to see and travelers to meet. The list  here are the things I always do or should I say, the fun things I do… plus you don’t need much money to do each. I’ll give you the prices too. Let’s start my top 10 things to do in Chiang Mai: 1. Drop the map, bike […]

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