Catanduanes: Your Complete Adventure Island

ShareTweet I envy the Provincial Tourism Officer of Catanduanes for his/her work of promoting their adventure island. I think it’s both easy and challenging- branding the island and promoting it like, “Catanduanes: Your [Complete] Adventure Island.” Off-the-tourist-path (except for the occasional surfers from Japan and Australia) Catanduanes has a lot of potential (I’m speaking as a tour operator/organizer and backpacker). When I try to promote a destination, I always point people to the ONE highlight (yes ONLY ONE). Everyone who has been to this rugged island province would agree with me that the highlight destination is Majestic Puraran in the […]

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Majestic Puraran On My Mind

ShareTweet Years ago I wrote a very frustrating article about surfing in Catanduanes- “A Frustrated Surfer-Wannabe.” The foolish me was just starting to explore the country and is naive enough to go surfing in Majestics Puraran on a crazy season. I left the island frustrated as I wasn’t able to surf. Ohhh and a little Philippine surfing history, the waves in Puraran are comparable to the waves of Siargao’s Cloud 9. Actually, before Cloud 9 was on the cover of a surfing magazine, its Majestics that holds the throne it was 1988. Two weeks ago, Majestics Puraran presents itself again. […]

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