Snapshots Thursday: Heritage Village, Vigan

ShareTweet As I was browsing my old photos, I saw this: Calle Crisologo, Heritage Village This is the most photographed site in Vigan City. You haven’t been to Vigan City without taking a walk here (maybe I can compare it with Intramuros). This “calle” (street) would bring us back to the Spanish era with its ancestral houses, cobblestone road, and the transportation during their days, the “kalesa” (horse-drawn carriage). I got this shot 7 years ago (using our Old 2MP Canon set on Sepia mode). The past weeks, I was tracing back why I love travel & photography. I learned that […]

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Snapshots Thursday: San Joaquin Church, Iloilo

ShareTweet I think this the beauty of Miag-Ao Church gets so much attention to the point that everyone forgets about San Joaquin Church just 15minutes away from Miag-Ao. I even think that San Joaquin Church is more beautiful than Miag-Ao. But still we cannot compare them because each has a beauty of her own. Reflections: San Joaquin Church and Belfry Built in 1859 and finished 10 years after (1869), the San Joaquin Church rivals the stone carvings of Angkor Wat in Siam Reap, Cambodia. The church’s facade depicts the Battle of Tetuan- the war between the Spanish Christians and the Moroccan […]

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Snapshots Thursday: Stuff for the 14-Day Trip

ShareTweet I want to start my story with the things I brought with me during the backpacking challenge. When are you going to do this? Number one rule in backpacking trips: TRAVEL LIGHT. If you think you gonna need it, you don’t, just leave it. I will highlight in red the most useful stuff. So here’s the list of the things I need during the 14-day trip: – 1 Orange TNF bag 35L (for all the clothes, etc) – 1 Black Samsonite messenger bag (for valuables) – 1 Black Nature Valley shoes bag (for shoes and sandals) – 2 IDs […]

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