Top 3 Singapore Attractions

ShareTweet Have you been to Singapore? If you haven’t been, maybe these simple guide can help you in your next vacation trip. I can still remember Singapore when I went there 2009. The sights, smell and strange feeling of being in a different country yet you feel you are not, I felt like I was still in my home country because everyone speaks English and I saw a lot of Pinoys. When modern Singapore begins to look a bit too much like a Western outpost, it’s time to bid a temporary farewell to colonial charms and the malls of Orchard […]

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Good-bye Passport, Farewell Bangkok

ShareTweet This is my entry on “Pimp My Trip” wherein you have to: 1. Write about your bad vacation 2. Choose a Pimp My Trip Package 3. Tell us why you chose it and include at least one Juice Reco Introduction I love traveling alone. I’ve done this a lot of time in the Philippines and then I had the chance to try it in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand when I bought a promo ticket. As this is my first time to go those places I research about it, I even joined for a cheaper backpacking trip. From bad […]

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