How Much of the Philippines Have You Visited?

ShareTweet This is one of the reasons why I love to travel: I want to make this white Philippine Map all blue! The bluer the spot on the map the more you’ve been to that place. The white spots means you haven’t been there. Here, you would notice that I’m almost done with Luzon and I still have a lot to cover- Batanes, Bicol Region, Masbate, Leyte, South Palawan and Mindanao. How about you? Tell me your reason for traveling. Want to find out yours? CHECK THIS OUT! Have your own map. Note: Something about me, I have the map […]

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Backpack the Philippines: More than the Usual

ShareTweet Lately, I have been busy educating myself with the beauty of my country. That means hours of surfing in the net, Google, Youtube and travel blogs. If only I have unlimited resources to travel and explore my country. I’m also dreaming of having special projects on travel documentaries or travel programs on TV, well, maybe in the future…Who knows? I learned that Philippines is more the the usual destination. I have been to Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and Malaysia. And I appreciate our country more when I experienced traveling other neighboring countries. Philippines is so underrated.  Underrated- but that means […]

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#helpDOT: HELP Department of Tourism

ShareTweet #helpDOT If you’re on Twitter, you would recognize this hashtag. This is the Filipinos way of helping the Department of Tourism. By spreading the beauty of the Philippines through Twitter. This blog is also inspired by Carlos Celdran’s post. This is a blog post is done out of impulse. A week ago I was comparing Malaysia’s Tourism Website with the Philippines’ and the hard fact is that ours is behind 20years. Yes, you can check it out yourself. I watch National Geographic daily and it always amazes me to see tourism adds by Malaysia (Truly Asia), Incredible India and […]

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