Side Note: Top-Loading from Allen to Calbayog City

ShareTweet     I love adventure especially those that borders to the extreme side and at times dangerous when it comes to travel and modes of traveling and modes of transportation, so about halfway the 2-hour jeepney ride from Allen-Calbayog I signaled the conductor if I can move on the top of the jeepney. The conductor nodded and so I went up the roof. I love toploading because I can see the things that passengers inside don’t. It does feel great to be on the top right? I love adventure especially those that borders to the extreme side…     […]

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Abaknon Dialect: On the Brink of Extinction

ShareTweet   If Capul island is “forgotten” then the dialect spoken in this island is endangered. Its actually amongst the 10 extinct dialects in the Philippines. Amazing enough, Inabaknon is not classified under the Visayan language along with Cebuano or Waray. It ‘s group with the Sama-Badjao language, a dialect mostly used in the islands southernmost part of Mindanao. This brought me to research on the origin of the Abaknon/Inabaknon language.   According to historians, Capul Island is inhabited by the Agtas (they look like the Aetas of Zambales, short, dark-skinned, curly-haired and pango) which I believe the original natives […]

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Secrets of Northern Samar: The Forgotten Capul Island

ShareTweet   So you think that Biri Rock Formations is awe-inspiring?   I bet most readers have been to these islands: Boracay, Guimaras and Camiguin. Maybe only a handful of Filipinos has been to Capul Island.       Tweet: “Sudden change of plans…will go to Capul island instead, learned that there is a 16th century church there, got me interested.”   It was amusing to know that the name of this island was a shortened ACAPULCO. In the late 16th century the San Bernardino Strait along the northern coast of Samar island was an important part of the Galleon […]

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