Visayas Trails: Bahalina-Pepsi at Bohol

ShareTweet I love to drink (notice the tagline below my Blog name?)! Yes, cheers to everyone who loves to drink here- water, coffee, tea, chocolate, softdrinks, juice, booze, wine, etc. On my 13th day of backpacking in the Visayas, I was surprised to get a message from IslandJane thru CouchSurfing, it says: Hey James, I heard so much about you from backpackers I met who’ve read your blog. I’m really not big with the net and just started to be be more active with CS. I would love to meet you and hang out. This is more of a selfish […]

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A Morning I Would Not Soon Forget (Jessica’s Story)

ShareTweet First, I want to thank you dear readers for the prayers and well wishes I have received for the past week after that Tragic Accident in Bohol during my Visayas Trails journey. Your comments meant a lot for me during those times that I’m far from family and home. Second, I wanted to let you know that I can walk properly & bend my knees now and my wounds are already healed. In a day or two, I can get back into running once again. Third, I continue to covet your prayers for Jess. In saying that I wanted […]

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Visayas Trails: A Tragic Accident in Bohol

ShareTweet This is a true story. Day 20 of Visayas Trails Date: Thursday, October 20, 2011 Location: Tagbilaran City and Carmen, Bohol Times are just estimates. Jess is an American I knew thru CouchSurfing. A week earlier, we found out that we are arriving at Bohol the same time so we thought it would be better if we just travel together to split the cost. We had a nice plan of touring Bohol and Panglao and go together to Siquijor but accidents happen.     7:30am I and Jess rented a motorcycle at Palma St., Tagbilaran City, Bohol. We thought […]

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