STRANGE[R] ENCOUNTER: Joven and John Robert at Yato Island

ShareTweet Because I have a new theme, thanks to my friend, Andro, I will be having a new feature too here in my blog called STRANGE[R] ENCOUNTERS. It is as simple as this: I met these individuals as strangers (locals who do their own thing) then we bid “good-bye” as friends. Happy that they became part of my journey. So let’s start with these two brothers:     Strangers who became my friends: Joven and John Robert Meeting: Yato Island, Guimaras Date: July 2010     I was doing my Western Visayas Php250 Challenge when I found myself exploring Yato Island coming from […]

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The Manila Dream

ShareTweet   To Whom It May Concern: I’m just dreaming and if this post proved to be disrespectful in any way, I will delete it.   Still, here are the 10 Dreams I have for Manila, our beloved capital city. I pray that this is not wishful thinking or maybe I’m foolish enough to care?   1. Preserve Your Lungs, Plant More Trees. Instead of putting chicken wires and street portalets, I suggest we plant more trees. Think Green MMDA. Ohh, it will also help with the problem of flooding, promise.         2. Not Another Mall Please. […]

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One More Rice, Make it Two! Foodtrip at Pala-Pala Bacolod City

ShareTweet   Oh so you think its about Chicken Inasal? Slight, but NO! Piaya and Napoleones? Well, almost!   The Background… Okay, I need your imagination here. Pretend that you just had your late afternoon coffee and merienda, your stomach hasn’t digested yet what you ate earlier and here comes dinner.   The Accomplices…. That’s exactly what happened to me when newfound friends invited me to have dinner with them at the Old Pala-Pala. Someone told me it’s the place to be for some gastronomic adventures and so even though I’m still full, I jumped into the van and went […]

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